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New StockCar Brazil 2016 (Chevrolet)

Discussion in 'Car Talk' started by AndreMaha, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. The second round of 2016 Brazilian Stock V8 Chmpionship shows the new Chevrolet body.

    It's awesome... Lets wait for a new mod for Automobilista! LOL
  2. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
    World's fastest mobile chicane Premium

    Looks nice. I also like that there is some black on Barrichello's car to offset all that aqua green.
  3. The old Chevrolet body is slower then Peugeot body in top speed. The aerodynamics form os Peugeot is better. But they changed it with new Cruze body.
  4. The race's just finished... Some pics of new body in action!!!

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  5. Lookin' very good. Must admit that I was a bit surprised about the Chevrolet chassis change after Curitiba season opener. For sure as you said the main reason was because of the performance. The Cruze base is more aggressive, first moment when I saw it the front reminds me at the Camaro. :)
    Unfortunately it is very difficult to follow the series here in Europe because of massive information lag.

    Hopefully we will see this new Cruze model at some point in AMS.
    Greetings Jan
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    As Jan said, its a pity its hard to follow over here in Europe.

    Now, if anyone can point me towards a stream with English comms I'd be a very grateful chap :)
  7. I was watching live two rounds os Velopark in last sunday... And the guys of TV was saying about aerodynamics... And they told Peugeot body is still better in top speed's:O_o:
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  8. Sounds interesting and confirmed my oberservations of the races there. In first race Fraga catched easily Wilson and Barrichello at the main straight and in second race Valdeno can't catch Nunes on the straights even he was braking very late. For sure P2P playing always a role.

    It seems that the 408 Chassis from Peugeot is running fantastic, but the Chevy is looking better. :)
    The main thing that I can't understand why only the competitive Cimed Racing Team is running the Peugeot.
    All the other strong teams like RedBull Racing or Eurofarma running the Chevrolet Chassis.

    Anyway, will be interesting for next races.
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  9. Today are the Cascavel races, does anybody have a live stream link working in Europe?
  10. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Seriously wish there was English commentary for this series!