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New Speakers?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Niels Pedersen, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hiya!

    I am seeking some badass speakings, a good pair of speakers able to connect to Pc ... Something with a Bose like bass and so on..

    Any suggestions, an affordable price, around 60 quid (GBR pound)
  2. Could be cool with bluetooth support aswell?
  3. Interesting, you have them yourself?

    No bluetooth though...

    - right now i have some random medion surround system for like around 10£
  4. My MINI-pc has it incorporated, would just be cool to have on speakers too :)

    - 5.1 is too much i think, dunno where to place them when they're wired, if 5.1 they have to be wireless ... i think :)
  5. I think you should forget about blue tooth and buy them above ^^^^

    Friend was telling me they sound great, good bass and very good for the money for £60.
  6. the z-4's?

    Cuz' i will do then - or, they'll be on my wishlist so far. Might buy em when i come to some money later this week :)
  7. Yup the Z-4, think you will love them.
  8. Did you got those?
  9. No not atm.

    I am in the middle of moving to a new adress, so not until i've settled there, but!

    I think i'm in love with Bose! any recomendations there, i know they're ****ing expensive, but nothing to an affordable price? :)

    I've looked at the Bose Companion 2 set with 2 speakers, and no sub - would that give a good sound?
  10. I hope you're active here Damain, and others aswell with knowledge, how about the z-10s? theyre 60w instead of 40w - But they doesn't have a subwoofer, any difference in that?
  11. The Bose set are suppose to be pretty good, bit flabby at the bottom end bass for general music but thats good for games. The Z-10 would be fine to, they have a deep bass but it can lack a bit of kick, they got a cool LCD to but are only USB.

    The choice is yours.
  12. Hmm, i think i'll stick with the z-4's then - i'm just in love with the BOSE bass :)
  13. Ye the Z-4's will do the job fine. Handy remote also to change the sound how you like it with ease. But the Bose would do a fine job to.
  14. Lidl speakers ftw.
  15. LOL birney, my current is aldi medion 5.1 from around '03-'04
  16. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    Bose can be expensive, but some of their stuff is expensive and not very good.

    The example is the little cube satellite speakers and sub woofer.

    It's some thing like the woofer goes from 35 Hz to 200Hz and the cubes go from 700Hz up to 20kHz = leaving a dirty great hole in the sound from 200 - 700Hz, and those mid range frequencies are completely missing.

    So beware of Bose.
  17. I suppose this is a bit off topic but since there are a fair few musicians who hang around here (and other racing sim sites - I often wonder why that is actually) I'd be interested to know if many people have chosen their speakers for both gaming and recording (Cubase etc.). At the moment I have a [reasonably priced] Creative 5:1 speaker system which is great for gaming, movies etc. but utterly useless for mixing thanks to the typically cartoon-esque bass response. But prior to this I used a Videologic Sirocco Spirit speaker system which is just 2 powered pc speakers - no surround or sub, just the 2 speakers with a volume control and a single bass/tone knob. I still use them for recording (I am unashamedly, undeniably and absolutely NOT in anyway 'pro'... or wealthy!) and a while back they suited me just fine for all my other pc needs too. I bought the Videologic speakers for that very reason - they received a good review from 'Computer Music' magazine for being both handy as pc speakers and were capable of holding a fairly flat response for audio mixing. So if any of you sim racing, amateur musicians are limited to just one speaker system, which would you choose?