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New Season - Who's running what official series

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Willie Watt, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Oval

    Concentrate on the Trucks properly for a whole season
    COT class "B" on occasional tracks and maybe 1 or 2 Class A ovals
    SK's for fun


    Concentrating on road promotion from class D so will run as many class D races as possible. Woudl like to be in the Falcon mod season.
  2. Road

    Honda in MC


  3. Don't run a lot of 'official' races, but will probably do a few:

    Star Mazda

    Trucks enough to Fast-Track to 'B'
    Indy/Dallara after 'B' obtained
  4. Given that I am now a C 3.51, I'll be promoted to B by tomorrow. In that case, I should be running the LMP in some official races depending on whether I have the tracks. If for some reason I go back to C over the course of the season, I will run the V8 and the Star Mazda (hopefully both will have the NTM by then).
  5. The Sprint Car for the ovals (this car is fun ),and the Corvette and MX5 for road
  6. Grand-Am in the DP will be my main focus, but I'll probably run the Star Mazda and Skippy for fun.No plans for Oval.
  7. Oval
    Class B COT


  8. oval

    trucks( 8races if i have the tracks :p)


    GT or HPD (multiclass) full season
    star mazda, some races for fun( love this car)
  9. What does the 1bar/ 3bar in the schedule mean?
  10. Waiting for tonight when i get premoted to see what i can do to be honest. I have or will advance to c in road and d in trucks
  11. I'll be running SK's seriously for oval. I've got jack for setups, so will have to take my Street Stock approach at building one from scratch by taking huge, risky swings at it. There's not a big enough following to have a good pool of setups it seems, so I gotta just push buttons and pull levers and see if I can keep it out of the wall ;)

    I'll be dabbling in Road, with whatever I decide between Mustang and Skippy. I doubt I'll have the time to take a serious whack at it with all the SK test and tune, but I hope to at least put on a good show.
  12. I've got some SK setups you can try Carl, though you can easily find them on the forums. Justin Chase posts a lot of his setups over there.

    For me? I actually haven't decided yet. I kind of want to stick with the Skippy for my road stuff this season, as I want to get more competitive in it AND it has the NTM. I have a hard time staying away from the Mustangs, though, and I bought the Star Mazda so I may as well give it a try this season as well.

    For ovals, I'll likely run the SKs again, possibly with some experimental runs in the Tour Modifieds and the trucks.
  13. I'll be B in road now, so I'll check out the GT series. Just can't get my arms around the LM or Sk in ovals so I'm stuck in D right now.
  14. I think I'll be running the Prototype GT series again this season. However this time I'll be in the Ford GT until the Vette gets the NTM. I might run the skippy again but I haven't touched it since it has gotten the new tires.

    On the Oval side, I might do the C class trucks again but I think that will depend on time.

    Congrats to those that are getting promoted.!!!
  15. Gonna try the trucks on ovals. I liked the SK's so I will probably do a whole season with them.

    I also want to do a whole season with the Riley.

    I'll try the other B class cars out too.
  16. Cool, interested in working with me in the Riley series John?
  17. Hey Saul, for sure! Clear some PM space and I'll send you a message.
  18. Ah, didn't realize my PM folder was full lol. Solved!

    I sent you a friend request over at iRacing too.
  19. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Will try to break back into simracing with the HPD Acura and GT series. Will be driving the Acura. Watched the inaugural race last night for the series (the 00:00GMT race that starts the season) and I must admit the 3 class thing is pretty sick.
  20. Danny! Nice...

    Just me, or does it seem like the iRacing community has been growing here quite rapidly ;)