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new season new skin

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Eric Martel, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. ok i'm ready for painting car if you are interessted .

    Primary Sponsor:
    Secondary Sponsor:
    Team logo:
    and other information if you have
  2. Cool man and thanks:)
  3. let me know if you receive anything and might go update the skinpack again :)
  4. ok but for the moment no request except my skin
  5. #10 Patrick Van Driel ,Amstel Chevy
    the base is finnish

  6. makes me really thirsty :)
  7. ok V2 of the number 10,sorry patrick its not ready for tonight but for the next race



  8. Woohoooo !!! I love it Eric great job dude :)
  9. Thats awesome. :D
  10. Can i use the same skin as last season?
    Or will it give some problems?
  11. np Martin but if you like a new one i'm ready for working on
  12. Patrick van Driel car release on arca download section
  13. Eric, can you make a car for me?. Thx a lot

    Manufacturer: chevy
    #: 27
    Primary Sponsor: Texaco
    Secondary Sponsor: as you want
    Team logo: Kraken Team
    Color: as you want
  14. yes Javier i work on
  15. preview of Javier Roy #27 TEXACO Havoline

    is correct for you Javier

  16. new preview


  17. it's perfect. Thx a lot Eric
  18. Thx Eric !!! could someone create an update on the skinpack ?
  19. i will, but might take a while :)
  20. Thx