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Misc New replay camera files for Nürburgring & Istanbul Park Ver 1

Fix game loading stuck problem

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  1. Thank you for this mod, Winner. :thumbsup:

    Just tested at the Nürburgring, and it's fine so far. I don't do Istanbul in my 2013-sim season so I can't test it there.

    If something goes wrong with it later on (at the Nürburgring), I'll signal it here. :ninja:
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  2. Thanks for your feedback. :)
  3. Update: It seems like problem still there for one-shot quali while exiting from it. :(
  4. That is because of were the game puts you on track , one-shot qualy , "flying lap" don't work because .rm files need to be edited in reducedmechanics.jpk tho i have no clue how to edit them.Because in F1 2011 it put you in front of start line while 2012 puts you somewhere in last sector.
  5. This is true!
  6. Oh this was caused by other mod. The game is able to exit normally for oneshot also , i.e. no stuck screen when tested on the vanilla version. But the oneshot result is another story.
  7. Thanks, that's why not enough time to finish the lap. lol.
  8. Hello! It was you who edited the replay camera config file for the F1 2012? I would like some help to learn how to edit the camera's REPLAY for the other tracks, it is too complicated? Which editor to use? Thank you...