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New Race Rig - The wheel base mount

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Paul Mullins, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I have been slowly designing and piecing together my first dedicate race rig... actually, I've probably spent much more time researching and looking at what others are doing rather than getting my hands dirty. :)

    For the ultimate in adjustability, I am basing my design around an 80/20 type profile called 'MiniTec'. We use this at work a fair bit for testing stations and despite being a little more expensive, it is actually much stiffer than 80/20 - it's also a little heavier as well - perfect for a motion rig :D

    As I work through the design, one thing that's been frustrating me is a tilting design to mount my Fanatec wheel base. Most solutions I've seen seem sloppy in end result and excessive in design and material.

    These holidays I've sat down and worked out what I think is a simple and elegant solution that works..

    This thing is as solid as a rock, totally adjustable in terms of wheel height, forward/backwards position and of course wheel tilt - all which can be adjusted in the seated position with a 8mm hex wrench.

    I thought I'd share the design in case it helps someone else out..


    The design uses a single, 45mm profile that protrudes from a cross brace mounted under the monitors. 2x 50mm x 6mm aluminium angles bolt up to this profile along with a 6mm thick aluminium plate. All bolts are counter sunk so the wheel base can sit flush on the mounting plate.

    Here you can see the 'mechanism' - there is a rear mounted pivot bolt along with a front mounts clamping bolt. There is a radised slot that the clamping bolt travels in to lock the angle from -5 degrees to + 27 degrees - currenlty in the maximum up position.
    NOTE: The CSW base bolts are just temporary bolts here until I get proper counter sunk bolts.

    ..And with the wheel in place in the 'race' position..
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  2. Magic stuff Paul, looks sublime :)

    Can´t wait to either buy my rig or build my own.
    Aluminium is simply the best if you want to get just like you want.
  3. Cheers Hampus..

    Totally agree - buying a pre-made rig is a good option for most but for me, I will spend so much time and money modify it to totally suit my needs/wants, that it really isn't cost effective.

    I am finding that I am making minute changes with my aluminium profile rig in the order of a couple of millimeters in some cases to get the perfect position. A 'pre-rolled' rig just can not really cater for that.

    I say go for it and build your own.. ;)
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