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new physics over vanilla physics?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Msportdan, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    RBR has been known to be the most authentic rally sim to date. This was down to the help and instruction from richard burns to make this sim what it is. How comes modders have created physics that can beat the vanilla physics? or arent they as good in reality.

    Im tempted to find rbr again and get involved but the mod installations put me off, and especially so if the vanilla game is far better even with a limited cars and tracks.

    Does anyone here prefer the vanilla game over the whole rbrsr thing? or is it a must to get this mod even if you wont play online?!
  2. I went back to stock rbr a few weeks ago. I loved this game to death when it was released but starting it up now, it feels undriveable. The cars have very little grip. It's like a soap in a wet hand.
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  3. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    RBR in general or just in vanilla mode?
  4. This is just pointed at stock RBR. I havent fiddled much with the mods. I bet they are better though.
  5. I have a vanilla installation and a modded one (just using NextGen Physics plugins with 2000s WRC cars and some new sounds)

    Comparing both, vanilla RBR feels like one's driving a rocket with very overpowered brakes, the car was clumsy and floaty, maybe the downforce was too low (hardly felt it touching the road), the body barely absorbed impacts (you know, when you touch a bank and go flying/rolling down the road in a kinda forced/unexpected manner), Also, the cars had so much torque i think it would win a 1/4 mile drag race against a F1 car lol
    some mechanical things weren't very good either, turbos, springs/dampers and diffs for example were quite weird.

    In fact, this area is were the NGP plugin does most of it's work i guess, Turbos feel more realistic, springs and dampers are way more effective and the diffs also, i think downforce and surfaces were reworked as well, floaty feeling is gone, and the surfaces offer more rolling resistance in general, altogether these things made the car feel way more direct and predictable.
    BTW, brakes are still very overpowered.

    Tarmac in both isn't very good, though it's better in NGP.
    I can't really explain very well why, but let's just say in vanilla RBR you were playing in "fast-forward mode" and with NGP you ain't anymore :p
  6. Sorry, I have to step in here.
    What exactly makes you think the brakes were overpowered in NGP ?

    To keep it simple:
    Braking performance is just a matter of tyre and surface, as long as the brake is strong enough to lock up the wheels (or better say, almost lock them up).

    So you have made some tests and maybe telemetry measurements and can prove your statement ?

    I don't buy this one either.
    Indeed we were not 100% satisfied with the tarmac behaviour in NGP 3.0, but in version 3.1 any remaining issues have been solved to our satisfaction.

    Again, what exactly don't you like about the tarmac performance in NGP 3.1 ?
  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I just tried that new rsrbr 2015 and wasn't impressed with the new cars. Only tried a few but the vanilla cars are so much better.. For the time it took me to install and Download..

    wasn't worth the time imo.


    the work that goes into that mod is unbelievable.. just not for me against vanilla content,
  8. How do I know what version of NGP I have?
  9. Did you use the NGP cars or the regular RSRBR cars?