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New PC parts ordered......EXCITED

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Adam Vaughan, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Well Iv been aloud funds to finally start building a new system and had a budget of £400 for parts excluding graphics card and PSU which I already have.

    So I has got myself the following:

    Intel i5 2500K
    Asus P8P67 Pro
    Kingston Hyperx Genesis 8GB (2x4GB)
    Corsair A50 Cooler
    Zalman Z9 Case

    Got all that for 400 of the finest english pound sterling. Iv got a 700W power supply and a ATI 4890 1GB to go in it. Graphics card will be updated probably christmas time but for now its a huge improvement on what Iv got.
  2. Hadn't seen this thread untill now. I built my own pc for the very first time just last week. I've never done so before and I'm not all that tech savy but it worked out well, very happy with it :)

    My parts cost £700 plus £170 for a G27

    i5 2500k,
    8GB Corsair XMS3,
    ATI HD6870
    Corsair HX650
    A50 Cooler
    F3 1TB HDD
    CM 690 II Case

    Where abouts in North Wales are you mate? Enjoy your new machine!
  3. I live in a small village near Holywell. BTW have you OC'ed your i5 and what sort of results you getting. Im thinking of watercooling the CPU also but Im still unsure.
  4. Get the corsair H50 if your wanting a good cooling system or if you want to spend more you can get one of the newer models but he H50 seems to be fine.

    Weyland, where did you buy the G27 from for £170?
  5. dabs.com had the G27 on offer about 2-3 weeks back, absolute bargain.

    Adam, i havent tried to OC the i5 just yet but from research it seems very straight forward. Everything I've played runs well so dont need to OC just yet but I'm sure that will change when BF3 is out :) My 6870 can be OC's quite abit too and has an excellent cooler to keep it cool but Im still a noob to all this so dont want to wreck my expensive components with crazy overclocks yet lol