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New PC Controller advice

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Dewhurst, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Wasnt sure if this should be here or tech.

    After 2 years my logitech dual action is on its way out, buttons have stopped working and dont always respond.

    My question is which should I get now, is the xbox pc gamepad worth it?

    Anyone know of any sites other than scan I can order on? preferably uk based rather not pay the overseas shipping costs.
  2. 31 views not one bothered reply, cheers....
  3. I like the xbox controller. Then again, I have an xbox 360, so I just bought the wireless adapter. I've been using that for my sims so far, however I'm stepping up to a wheel. Not sure of the pc one. I believe it's just a wired controller?

    Seems odd how lots of people just read and don't post, no?
  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I think the lack of replies might be down to the fact that most people on this section of the forum mostly reply to topics relating to sim racing hardware.

    As in, most use wheels, BUT..... thats not excuse i guess :)

    Try these;



  5. Im pretty much in the same boat as Mark, been using my wireless xbox controller for a while but just got a g25 on the cheep so have switched over to that.

    I believe the xbox pc pad is just a repackaged version of the wired 360 pad. If you have already have a 360 just get a wireless adapter and use the pads from that.

    in terms of UK based computer component sites I often use:


    all are pretty much similar in prices and stock.
  6. Was torn between the xbox wireless for pc, saitek cyborg, logitech wireless f10?

    Still not sure which one, I cannot run a wheel on this setup but saying that I do prefer controller over wheel as I prefer bonet cam over cockpit as well.

    To be fair the controller is for sim racing so I posted it in the appropriate section or so I thought.
  7. Hi Jason :)

    If your racing with it, you posted in the right place :) I have to confess, I only ever use controllers for the xbox, so not too used to them, but the std xbox job is quite good quality from my minor experiance, and both Saitek and logitech are top brands so I would GUESS any of them would be pretty good?

    Sorry I cant help more.......anyone else here use any of those three?
  8. My current one is logitech dual action, and has served me well for 2 years until i dropped it :(
  9. I can recommend the PS3 controller, although it comes down to, really, which fits in your hand the best.
  10. I agree with that. I have an xbox, so instead of having multiple controllers with different feels, I prefer it because I'm used to it. If you're factoring cost in, unless you want to be popping in AA batteries, you'd need to buy the battery charger which comes with one free controller battery. Or you can save cash and just get the wired. Not sure how close you sit and how big your screen is, but I'd imagine you won't need wireless.
  11. I run a 23" 1080 full hd viseo monitor, wired will be enough I think.

    I think the xbox or cyborg will be chosen, still not sure between the two, used to have a ps3 wasnt really a fan of the controller, couldnt get it to work on my pc either :(

    Traded my ps3 in a while a go to upgrade my pc :)
  12. Id pick up a Xbox 360 controller especially for driving, it's allot better then any other controllers. Having tested ps3 and other controllers you can't get the same amount of control or precision as you can on the 360 controller, I've managed to win some strong races on one back in 09.
  13. thanks for the info damian.
  14. The issue with the xbox controller is that the throttle and brake cannot be separated from a common axis using the default drivers. This really kills any type of trail braking, or left foot braking in a sim. There are drivers that will allow you to do so, but they only work with the wired controller, not the wireless adapter. Just a word of warning.

    That being said, I use an xbox controller, but since I have a wheel it only gets used for arcade drivers, and things like GTA and the such.
  15. Causes me to brake earlier, because I either brake to softly, or the brakes lock up, which is one of my big issue with using a controller. Works great for arcades as you mentioned. Do you have a link to the driver or at least the info on it?
  16. Sure, you can find the XBCD (xbox controller driver) modified for the 360 controller here: http://redcl0ud.1.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=2155

    You will need to manually install the driver as well, the guide is down, but the internet archive has it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20080822164316/http://xbcd360guide.50webs.com/guide.html

    Now getting the separate axes on the controller set up correctly can be a bit of a pain, and it has been awhile since I have done it. I seem to remember having to first use XBCD to assign separate axes, then having to calibrate in order to get the axes so trigger off = no gas and trigger on = full gas. If you do not calibrate your triggers will be at half gas when they are off.

    Note that the lights no longer work using these drivers, so don't panic, the controller is on even if the lights aren't.
  17. Cant say I ever had problems with my logitech controler when i tried a pirated version of race on....

    And I was all set to order a xbox controller online.....now im unsure.
  18. Didn't mean to scare you, just something to be aware of. I have had a lot of gamepads throughout the years, and the xbox controllers are by far my favorite. It just sucks that such nice hardware ships with such poor drivers.

    If you have a friend with an xbox, see if you can borrow a wired controller from them to see if it will be an issue. The wired ones work interchangeably with pc/xbox.