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new pc build

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jose Borges, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone!!

    i'm thinking of buying a new pc and my budget is about 700€... i wouldnt want to go any further than 750. I dont need anything other than the pc tower since i have the monitor and all the other stuff to simrace with.

    this is what think is a good build for the budget but i need some opinions as i'm not sure what is required to run the latest games at good framerates and nice graphic environment. i'd say high settings just so that in a few years i'm able to still run games in this pc!

    Another thing i'm thinking of this MB (or any other that supports SLI AND Crossfire) because it gives me the possibility of either SLI or crossfire and in the future i'd like to buy a second graphics card or improve the one/ones i'd have at that moment.

    Would this power supply handle a second graphics card??

    Hope i was clear.

    Please tell me what you think and give your opinion please!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. oh and i'm hopoing i posted this in the right place!
  3. I would buy better video card but you would need to invest 50-120€ more but I think it would be worth it. Amd Radeon cards run rf2 poorly but work OK in other games. Nvidia GTX 660/760 series would be good cards for you if you are simracer. ;)
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  4. Shawdad

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    That PSU should be enough to run 2 of those cards Jose. Many people tend get more power than they need.
  5. yes the pc is mainly for simracing rfactor 1/2, assetto corsa, possibily project cars in the future, gsc ... you know the drill. but maybe the benchmarker right is AC (??) which i'd really like to make my main game and for that i need a better build! (right now is i play it on a laptop with a gt555m)

    @Shawdad yes i think it is enough and dont think there is the need to buy a 900w psu since i dont want a top end PC.

    @Jari Vinnari: for a while a thought about the 660, 760 is too much, i'd have to save in other areas. from what i read and watched over youtube many say that the 650 ti boost 2gb is one of the best in performance/€ ratio of 2013! but do you think that a 660 is much better than this 650ti2gb?

    @Holiace very nice link... gives some perspective... thank you very much!
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  6. When I built my PC roughly a year ago, I save some €s be not seleting the OC editions of the CPU and motherboard chipset. You have selected a 'Z' edition of chipset, which is the 'performance' version and capabale of OC. I selected an 'H' chipset, no OC, but I will never miss it.

    For the CPU the same, just cannot remember the letters for them. The non OC versions are little bit more difficult to get though!
  7. interesting, not convinced by the extra performance of OC or scared of failing hardware or why?
  8. It requires testing and thinking about it, time I prefer to spend racing :). I hate nothing more, than having an unstable PC when I want to race :). Tried it with my old PC. did not gain enough to avoid the extra cost for a new PC, so I saved the cost for the capability for the new PC upfront.
  9. @Dietmar Auferkorte i didnt know that thing about Z or H. The thing is that i can find a lot MB that can do crossfire and few that do SLI. At least in the shops i've been looking at. Mostly the ones that can do SLI also support Crossfire but not the other way around. Is there any H MB that can do SLI?

    I'm not looking to overclock. I don't see where overclocking a processor would get me so much more performance. But maybe you guys can tell me otherwise. Anyway i dont see the point and not willing to spend de extra money on a i5 K, i dont think it's worth it.

    @Jari Vinnari
    Probably it would get me better graphics but then again it would cost me 100€ more and that's a lot of difference on a budget!

    I'm also considering an AMD processor. Way cheaper as well as the MBs and that can get me a nicer GPU for the same budget.

    Never had AMD though!

    What AMD CPU and MB for a future SLI would you guys recommend?

    Thank you for all your answers.
  10. The successor of my MB would be the Asus P8H87M Pro (i have the 77 version). Only crossfire, not SLI. Not sure where crossfire and SLI are nowadays, read in the past lots of issues about it, so my going in position for that would be to have ONE GPU powerfull enough to serve my needs, sure, difficult with upgrades. But even my MB can crossfire and my current GPU is a AMD7870, I'd rather sell that on eBay and purchase a new monster card as to buy a second of those. But actually happy with it so far, AC looks good enough on full HD.
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