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new patch= weird crowd graphics

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Apex1972, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I am using an nvidia GTX550Ti. I have gotten decent fps with f1 2011. avg 54 with all ultra on dx9. Since the new patch, I now have strange looking pop in and out of the crowds in the grandstands. I know this is already been posted on CM fanboy site but I am wanting to know if this is an nvidia issue even though it was fine before the patch. Any AMD guys having this issue as well. I will gladly ditch the card if thats the case. i already have had it trying to play any real sims with nvidia hardware.
  2. Hello,
    It is not a card or driver issue or a DX11 issue. It is happening on numerous different cards and different settings (I have it happening on 3 different PCs myself and they are both 570's and 6950's). I have tried looking at all the files changed by the second patch and then tried swapping each back from the un-patched game but nothing makes any difference so it seems to be something hard coded in the F1 exe.....

    Typical nonsense from CM.

    If anyone has any idea then please let me know as this makes driving Canada (in particular) look like a game from the mid 2000s!
  3. yeah, it looks like rfactor now, too bad the physics dont match rfactors.
  4. Unfortunately, it seems that you acted too early to download the recent patch. I have patched the game to 1.01 and that's it. That is where I decided to stop. It is truly surprising to see how this kind of a basic graphical glitch comes from a dev team with years of experience with the "EGO" engine.