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New open track drag missing

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by berglez, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Just noticed different behaviour when creating new open track. When clicking on nodes you were able to move the curve along the creation but not anymore. Someone else is getting this?

    Check here what I mean:

  2. Yea,
    I just put in the latest update 6.5 I think and it is not showing what you are doing realtime. It stays where it is, you drag and it does not move till yu release mouse and it snaps to an area kinda where you want.

    What did I do wrong. This is screwwy???
  3. berglez, click_drag not click. (although when I just click it doesn't behave like that .. )

    bill - view>options>update timing

    sounds like you want immediate, not partly deferred

    berglez, do you have click lock turned on?

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  4. That did the trick. I changed to Immediate and that is what i wanted.
    Thank you 42Cliff.
  5. 42Clif

    battin' a thousand!!

    :) I need to read the help file after updates. Lots of new stuff and not sure how I got it turned on like that. Whew!!!!

    Of to fiddle the:moon:away
  6. I think it was the new default setting with .6 :)

    glad to have helped.