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New on RD - Searching league drivers and event races!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mr AlcoN, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Mr AlcoN

    Mr AlcoN
    The Finn Premium Member

    Hello RD!
    Am new to this site so doesn't really know anybody on this forum so i thought i would do a little presentation of my self. :)

    Am 30 (+) Finn living in Sweden and been racing sims for 4-5 years now where I the past six months have gone completely over to PC.
    I´ve been mainly driving project cars and am also in the process of creating my iracing setup (cars & tracks). Done a lots of league racing on Project cars but drawn attached to asseto corsa and hoped RD would be the best forum for AC racing. I would love to join a (or couple) AC league(s) but also interested in one time events, so send a request and i would happily join. Just want to do races so if you need a driver for upcoming AC leagues am more than happy to join or if someone would like to team up with me can send me a PM.

    Am a complete sim nerd and spend hours on perfecting my rig so if someone wants to talk hardware am more than happy to chat over a cup of coffee. ;)

    Happy racing and hope to see you on track!
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  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Embarrassingly, Backmarker Champion 2015 & 2016 Staff Premium Member

    Hello Mr AlcoN, and welcome to Race Department. Thanks for going premium and helping to support the site. The AC race club will be delighted to welcome you and you can get details of events here.
    There is also a Project cars club and although the group is not large it is always fun they would be delighted to see you on track.
    Once again welcome andd I hope you enjoy your time here.:)
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