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New on RD, love it allready

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Richard Bunschoten, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all ,

    I wanted to introduce myself on introduction page but had no rights to do that , but i wanted to say hi anyway.

    Im Richard Bunschoten. I'm here because Marcel, who is a new trial member on the servers told me about this community, and i m glad he did.
    I always can appriciate race enthousiasts like me who drive serious online and wont spoil fun for others.
    I have some experiance with online driving , competed in GPL league and in a F1 race League, with Rfactor F1 2005MOD, but the thing always was that the race was on day's i could not drive ... Now i 'm here to try to compete once again. Lately i have been driving the Megane mod in Rfactor online. But because i cannot drive every day , day in day out , because i have a family to take care of , my lap times aren't always on top of the chart ... i can happen though hehe. But i need to get back into it and find a community that's fun and will make me drive more.
    I heard about a League thats coming up , where i could maybe form a team with Marcel , that would be master!

    I intend to Come and drive on RD's servers, Although i don't know the route to do that yet ....
    Hope to see you all on track sometime soon !

    Greetz ,

  2. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Hi Richard,

    I guess it was Marcel vd AA :)

    Steps to take to enter events/leagues:
    We have events for trial and premium members, leagues are for premium members (but we might add some extra involvement to be part of a future league).

    We just changed some rules to become trial members of our racing club. Even in our club we unfortunately have discovered wreckers. To prevent most of them becoming clubmember we want members to signup with full names on our forum and race-server. Also we want involvement in RaceDepartment by having this 25-post rules before able to do an application.
    Once a trial member (for 1 month) you can proof if you are worthy to become premium. As said in another thread, its about fair racing and having fun. Not to be the fastest and winning at all costs.

    We organize race events for both Trial clubmembers and Premium clubmembers. Our current league is somewhat disappointing in terms of fair racing and involvement. Therefor we might raise the bar to enter a league a bit to make sure we have 100% dedicated drivers being in a league to have fun and drive fair.

    Hope to see you soon on track!
  3. sorry to hear you have wreckers even in your league. Totaly agree with any rule to rule those guy's out.

    I'm gonna search for some event schedule then.
    Thnx Ramon
  4. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Yessss, here he is,

    Hey Buddy, great to see you here.
    I just know you found the right place for online racing.
    I myself am just a member for about 2 weeks and i am 100% positive (that's why i told u about it).
    And it gets better and better, especially now with one of my dearest friends joining in on the fun.:rolleyes:
    And yes i can't dream of anything better than to form up a team and race the hell out of these guys.:D
    I really hope that you can free up some time in the future.

    Well, Richard welcome aboard, hope to see u soon on a track near me (or you).
  5. Welcome Richard and have fun here :)
  6. I have a question similar to Richard's. I read the rules to join the club/leagues, but there is no mentioning of how fast you need to be. I would hate to join and end up always racing against myself at the back and only be in the way of much faster guys who would be lapping me. I am sure I am not the only one in that boat and hesitating to race in "leagues". Are their like different races for fast, medium and slow drivers?

    Sorry for the semi-thread jack!!
  7. You need to be as fast as you are, with the diverse club we have there will always be people you can race against, you may have weak tracks where you don't do particuarly well, and good tracks where your really in the action.

    An example for me is Porto, at Porto I can race with people normally a second faster than me at other circuits.
  8. OK. Thanks. That is a little re-assuring...
  9. just to elborate slightly further, in the leagues we have pre-qualifying, where you have the best part a week to set your hot lap... the top 100 are then split, in order, into 4 groups - so you'll always be racing against people around your level of ability....

    in the club, it's a free for all - but we cater for all speeds - the club is about having fun and keeping it clean, speed is not an issue and you'll generally find yourself in a little pocket of people around your level...
  10. Simon has already covered your question very well, but just to support his reply.

    At Racedepartment, our members are never judged on their speed, we enjoy having a good spread of speed skills in our events, that way everybody will find someone at their level and have fun racing with them. In our events we usually have all the speed range covered, from aliens to complete beginners.

    Our primary concern is never about your speed, we focus on a drivers behaviour on the track. That means clean driving, friendliness, treating fellow drivers with respect, and doing the right thing (apologising, waiting, etc) when you accidently hit someone ( yes it happens to all of us, even the best make mistakes).

    So don't worry about your speed, come join the fun.
  11. I know what you mean Richard, the competitions and such were enough to make me donate despite not getting off to the best of starts round here. I learned a few things that may even help me adjust to GTR:Evolution as well, which is nice. :)
  12. Ok guys. Thank you again. Now I just need my post count to reach 25:D
  13. Hi, i am new here also and wish to say hello to everyone here and hope i can join you guys in some races.

    gtr evo is a fantastic game btw and very addictive
  14. I like the sound of more slower guys in the middle or back of the pack ... nice to have someone keeping me company whilst I continue trying to figure out how the hell the fast guys are actually going so fast without cheating :lol:
  15. well ,i'm glad to have you guy's to acompany me out there :thumb:
  16. I doubt you are as slow as me (at least I hope for you that you are not:))
  17. i msyelf is pretty slow too. over 10seconds behind the pole position most of teh times in quali's
  18. Hey guys, good to have you here as im one of the mid to back of the pack racers depending upon the cars :becky:
  19. Well it looks like we have a number of "not the quickest" competitors! That makes me happy! I myself can turn decent laps, but am VERY inconsistent, so I can only run well for a short number of laps before I lock up the wheels and say goodbye to the course.