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Skins New MP4-30 1.1

This is for the RB10 model

  1. thedeadman2007 submitted a new resource:

    New MP4-30 - This is for the RB10 model

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  2. thanks. well done.:cool:
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  3. I might suggest an update to your beautiful livery ? F1_2014 2015-05-08 12-52-57-22.jpg F1_2014 2015-05-08 12-51-57-49.jpg F1_2014 2015-05-08 12-53-47-47.jpg F1_2014 2015-05-08 12-53-54-54.jpg
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  4. does this work online?
  5. Ok...great
  6. I don't know if it does, I don't really play the online side with f1 so I wouldn't know sorry
  7. thedeadman2007 updated New MP4-30 with a new update entry:

    Spain GP Update

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  8. Hello, greetings to all, I'm new around here and the truth, I appreciate the time you devote to the Mods and update to get the latest versions of the F1, congratulations. only one question, how could I get the 3D model of the current F1? for 3dmax or c4d..etc. a greeting
  9. I suggest another little real change for your beautiful livery . The suggestions are circled in white

  10. I noticed the little symbols just in front of the driver but the top do u mean remove the numbers for the nose section?

    Also I don't know if anyone would be interested but I created a version of this for project cars... But not sure if to upload or not
  11. with my suggestion the number remains on the nose . the number is deleted on the side skirt
  12. when you gonna make this mod on Mercedes chassis?
  13. Mc2H.jpg Fictional but less mirrored, Who can do it?
  14. ......montecarlo
    F1_2014 2015-05-21 12-24-51-34.jpg
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