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New Moto Series Talk

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Xtra-Large22, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Some opinions about Marquez stunning start of the season?
  2. Stunning advantage with a horrible bike... Hes way up there because he had practically no dnf as opposed to rossi and lorenzo (whats up with this guy? why is he still 2nd!!!!! :laugh: ) and because he plays his cards right when it was rainning. Some call it luck, but you got to make you own luck and he does it. Its a bit sad because its good bye to the risky marquez :sick:. Rossi has been unfortunate imo.
  3. Honda hrc is not horrible, it had problems coming out of last corner in Qatar, then nothing much, maybe at Mugello too. HRC knows how to improve the bike quickly.
    Honda is the best bike in braking
  4. I think people who call the current Honda horrible have been spoilt by their performance in the 2011-2014 era

    It's less that the Honda is terrible and more that Yamaha has found a platform that is competent at 80% of tracks, I recall an interview with Marc where he even admitted that towards the later end of the 2014 season Yamaha had a better bike than them

    last years chassis was a mess but Marc exacerbated the issue by pushing the bike like he had in previous years
    the only prominent issue this year has been the lack of acceleration which means they need to take a lot more risk in the braking zones to make up time than the other factory bikes (ala Marc's fall at Le Mans)
  5. Compared to Ducati and Yamaha, i think these too are waay ahead imo... Last year, most of the his dnfs were unforced execpt for the famouse one at malaysia.. :whistling:. This year his more conservative and others are falling...

    another issue... pedrosa should start gaing weight (and pay his taxes :laugh:)