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New Mod Brake G25/G27. Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by carloscasas, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Mod Brake G25/G27 (with pressure sensor).





    • Spring (hardness adjustable. 30 kg max. of Hardness)
    • Shock Absorber (industrial hardware) (12 kg max. of Hardness)
    • Pressure Sensor : (installed in the hydraulic tank. Hardness Adjustable) Installed like a quick release with brake pedals cables.
    Compatible with Leo Bodnar Cable and another boards.


    After several days testing the G25/G27 Brake Mod, here our feelings.

    -When I placed it and pressed with my foot,I said "Carlos, this is another world."


    It removes red brake pipe which carries the G25/G27 spring inside, and placed the damper / spring with holes compatible with G25/G27.

    Disconnect the 3 wires of the potentiometer (it will be disabled), and connect them to wires of pressure sensor.

    RED / ORANGE = 5V



    -Adjust the spring tension to feel the inicial touch of brake. Harder or softer, if you want that the brake back off more slowly or faster.

    -Adjust with 1 turn 360º of Allen screw of hydraulic tank to feel harder or softer the second part of way of brake. Min 0º. Max 360 º. And all intermediate positions.


    -The feeling is like a real brake. You feel the brake has an internal hydraulic circuit in and above all, that when you release the brake, it rises a little slower and very smooth, thanks to the damper that goes inside the spring.

    With the allen screw (adjustment hydraulic tank), you adjust the feeling of the second part of the braking (which is exponential) .

    -Leave it softer, so there is more travel in the pedal
    -Let him harder, so that there is less travel in the pedal, and note the force much more

    That means :

    -You can put the brake pedal with 1 cm of way and you need to make more force to brake (only force, without the pedal moves)

    -Or you adjust it to move the pedal aroudn 3.5 cm (the maximum allowed) and you feel the force at the end of de pedal.

    -Or all the intermediate steps, more way, less way, braking too hard or less hard.

    So you forget to block brakes in the simulator.


    -It is tested with the pedals connected directly to the wheel G25/G27, leo bodnar cable and similar mainboards/controllers. Goes perfectly in all simulators (iRacing, rfactor, AC, Nkpro, RBR, GTR2 ...)

    -The pressure sensor has a resolution of 24 bits.

    -It is recommended to connect the pedal to leo bodnar cable (10 bits equivalent to 1023 steps). Or the BU0836 who is 12 bits (4095 steps). Well, of course, if you have a controller with higher resolution, much better. Simply because more resolution, braking will work better in the simulator.

    -In iRacing, it is important to change the BRAKE FORCE CURVE FACTOR Options / controls to 0 so that the braking is detected as sends the pressure sensor.

    -Finally, remark that if someone (which I doubt) is accustomed to braking with potentiometers, just leaving the original connectors cable connected to the potentiometer G27 brake and you can adjust the hardness, travel and feeling the mod with the settings mentioned above.

    (There will be avaliable the same brake mod but without pressure sensor, cheaper.)

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  2. Very interesting. I actually don't use g27, but who knows in the future...always great to have new (and good) choices in the market :)
  3. Use a progressive spring like the GTeye and it will be even better. Better to modulate and a more progressive feel. Too bad there isn't a mod like this for the T500 pedals.
    I know of the Boding mod but that's not what I'm talking about.

    Will it be the complete pedal or just the damper and spring?

    It would be very convienent if you should sell the gas, brake and clutch pedal seperately (without the black plastic cover). So, if the price is right, I'd purchase the gas, brake (with mod) and the clutch pedal and use the Leo bodnar cable or the BU0836A or BU0836-LC.
  4. We will sell

    Spring+shock absorber
    Hall sensor

    To install them in brake pedal

    (No full brake pedal)

    We will sell too hall sensor / special shock absorber to gas and clutch.
  5. Ok, thanks.
  6. Unbeatable sounds nice looking forward to this :thumbsup:
  7. Interesting :thumbsup:
  8. looks good.
  9. Coming soon

    We show you the last update. There have been some changes and improvements.

    -The nut for adjusting the tension spring, has an Allen screw to fix it.
    -It incorporates a valve to provide proper air pressure, which you can introduce or remove oil.

  10. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Is the shockabsorber not making the braking pedal move slower?
    Because that's what shockabosrbers do best, dampening the energy.
  11. Only a little (like a real car). We are testing it and feeling is great.

    Mainly, It prevents the quick (unreal) rebound of spring
  12. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    A racing car where all air has been removed from the brake tubing has almost 0 damping.
    It actually feel like you are just putting your foot on the ground, after the first cm of movement.
    Unlike a normal car...

    Sorry if i might sound to critical.
    I really like the idea, and love the engineering you guys did on it.
    Would be really intrested to feel such pedal - hydraulic combination.
    Although i have CST pedal.
  13. most people are accustomed to conventional brake systems sure if testing professionals, many would not like. many professionals leave some air in the hydraulic circuit to make it softer.
    I'm finishing various improvements, arrives next week starting material for the manufacture, I will make several models, one which you see in the photos above, and another model with pressure sensor was connected to the original wiring G27 the price of the set pressure sensor will be of 100eu ..
    I ordered samples of the sensors, when done testing I'll put on sale. this other model will be more complete in the settings, you can adjust the strength and force curve, will be on par with the best pedals on the market.
  14. Hello again, as there have been many inquiries about a new mod version of "load sensor", we inform you about this.

    -BRAKE G25/G27 TSS-MOD
    The before Mod with adjustable spring, damper and air lspring (adjustables), and with wires to potentiometer or hall sensor.


    The same as before, but with PRESSURE SENSOR.

    We are hoping to send us samples of this sensor, but the final price it will be around 99 eur.

    And it can be installed as easily as the original. Just connect the 3 wires to the wires of g27, set in Windows or in the game, and then adjust the distance, air pressure and hardness that you want.



    pd=the hall sensor it will be avaliable after than brake mods.
  15. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Im getting very interested about this...:)
    might have to sell my ARC mod and get this one... looks really good..:thumbsup:
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  16. coming along nicely.

    Any chance when they are ready that you can outline in order of best to "worst"
    1) Benefits of each + contents+ price + pics/videos?

    I'm getting confused now to what you're selling as you've mentioned 4 different items already.
  17. This looks awesome!

    I wish I had had these back when I was using my G27 pedals. Very nice design!
  18. NEWS

    First of all, I wanted to apologize from TSS by the delay of the MOD BRAKE G25/G27.

    I wanted to report that we have decided to focus on finishing the Mod with pressure sensor and stop making the previous model, which was with potentiometer or hall sensor.

    We want dedicate 100% of our time in finish the Mod with pressure sensor, because it is the best feeling that gives (almost like a real brake).

    Photos coming soon.

    It will be a spring with damper (adjustable) and air pressure (adjustable too), and its pressure sensor connected like a quick release to the wires from the brake pedal. It's possible to adjust the hardness and distance, with real braking feelings.

  19. SOLO59


    Ok great news! But is it possible to provide an option for pre order??? I must get my hands (feet:-D) on what is promising to be an amazing mod for g27/g25.... For those of you who is thinking of selling there vital organs for the newer wheels on the market, well think again! This mod may very well change your thoughts attitude towards your affordable, reliable, and customizable g27/g25. My g27 has been customized and modded to my liking. I just need that mod ASAP!!!
  20. More news.

    Finally, after seeing that some users prefer the brake mod without pressure sensor, we'll do the same MOD BRAKE, one with pressure sensor and another without it.

    Brake Tss-Mod "pressure sensor" G25/G27.
    Adjustable linear spring,

    damper to avoid the rebound of pedal,

    Industrial Pressure sensor with high precision and hardness (fully adjustable)
    (very different than pressure sensors (load cells) of commercial pedals. Some users who have checked the commercial load cells, don't be very satisfied with the result).

    Also adjustable travel, which can exert the maximum braking force from 1 cm pedal travel, until 3.5 cm of pedal travel (max. of G25/G27)

    Around 99 eur.


    Brake G25/G27 Tss-Mod.
    Exactly the same MOD, but without pressure sensor. ( it will works with the potentiometer of G25/G27 or hall sensor)

    35-45% cheaper. And it's possible to upgrade it to pressure sensor.

    pd = We'll receive in a few days the pressure sensors to finish the Mod.
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