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New Members Tier oh! not share holders anymore :(

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Sean Smith, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. So does that now mean, so called share holder,(now referred to as member) is no longer entitled to any future profit? If so this means that PCars is no longer an investment but just another way for customer to purchase a game. ( iracing ). My intention was to helping out a company, which is my hobby.
  2. Sort your facts out mate. Profit share is still in place.
  3. It was never meant to be an investment, and members were never meant to be shareholders.
  4. Be very careful about this game guys.

    That is all I will say, I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw them.

    Junior membership only I would advise.
  5. Never said it was fact Sir, Just asked the question, you may want to re-read my post.
  6. Is that So?
  7. Yes, it is so. It's practically the first thing you see when you join up.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I also understood that everybody participating in CARS becomes an investor. Seeing this quote of a SMS employee I am sure that many people think they are an investor:

    Source: [virtualr]
  9. And yet, they say in the "new members read first" thread that it shouldn't be treated as an investment. Me = confused.
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  10. I'm sure what Bram posted is from original documents and what you posted is an updated (changed) version. This is why I'm skeptical.

    P.S. It was all over the net as a share investment (A New Way for building a Sim) when it was 1st announced but now they have all but established themselves, it seems the plan has changed, in that a couple of individuals maintain full control.
    I'm just saying to all those who thought they were investing in a companies side investment, Careful dudes it's just a different marketing strategy in selling their product, imo
  11. I'm sitting in the same boat.
  12. Nothing has changed from the project launch.
    Legally it is not an investment.
    Practically it is.
    If you don't believe it, don't sign up. But IMO there is no point not to believe them.
  13. I suppose if people want to sign up as paying beta testers and paying for the finished game at 45 euro's before seeing, WMD are not as daft as they look.;)
  14. You don't need to put 45 € to see and play the game, 10 € is enough.

    I invested 100 € because I believe in the game after having played it, I want to support this way of funding games, and it wouldn't be a big loss for me if I don't get any return.

    But who knows maybe I will get a great game and even more money back than those 100 € I put in.
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