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New-ish Driver

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Julian Roberts, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    I have driven in many different sims, but I picked up RBR last year. I have been driving on it occasionally and I picked up RBSR2012 a few months ago. I'm just starting to get better now and I'm thinking about joining in on some online rallies since doing it by myself is getting quite boring. What stages and cars are used? I have just downloaded the cars I'm interested in and the BTB stages seem to lag a bit for me. I'm not very quick, but I'm still learning. Thanks!
  2. Hi Julien, and welcome.
    In the Club Rallies we vary the cars used quite a lot. Have a look through the older event threads and you can see the types of events we run. Stages will vary a lot too.
    We occasionally run BTB Stages but not too often.

    The main aim of the Rally Club is to have fun, it's not too serious. The Rally Club Events are also designed to get new drivers introduced to On-Line Rallys, we have drivers of all skill levels running, from very fast experienced drivers to completely new and inexperienced drivers.
    So, hope to see you hop into our Club Rallys as soon as you can, it's the best way to learn. ;)

    If you want some more serious Rallys, have a look at the RDRC. It includes a few different levels / classes to allow drivers to compete with others who are of a similar skill level.
  3. Do I have to run all stages in the rally to enter? I really want jump in an race. I need to work on my gravel skills since I mostly run in the snow! Haha.
  4. No, but you will be given the default time for any stages you miss (or DNF) so gaining a good result in the Rally will be very difficult if you skip stages.
    Only one way to improve on all surfaces, join in and drive them. ;)
  5. I don't care about running towards the top. I just want to finish the stages I run! Haha.
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  6. jump on in its fun :)
    :) I just think if you can finish all the stages without a retirement
    your doing well....:)
  7. If I could get my activation e-mail, I'd love to race :mad:
  8. RSRBR activation email?
  9. Yes, that.
  10. I still haven't got the e-mail and their site is all in French it seems. :(
  11. They reply in English in their forum as well.
    Not sure of the procedure, @Warren Dawes should know more.
  12. Julien, best I can offer is this (from my tutorial)

    3. Firstly, you will need to register. Even if you were a previous user of RSRBR2011, you will need to register again.

    Select "Registration RSRBRLive 2012", and follow the steps provided.
    Some people have problems getting registered on the RSRBR Live Server after they have an initial problem.
    If that happens, it seems the only way to resolve it is to go to the Rallyesim website/forum and to request a manual registration. They seem to be regularly doing manual registrations for people lately.

    Here is the website: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/index.php
    Post a problem help request here: http://forum.rallyesim.fr/viewforum.php?f=434

    Better still, send a PM to bluesky74 (at Rallyesim) advising your problem, give him your Username, Password, etc, and he should fix it for you.

    However, I'm not sure who now looks after manual registrations for people with problems registering.
    I'd suggest posting a request for manual registration in the RallyeSim Forum here: (you can post in English)

    Have you tried entering your Username, Number, and Password again into the main page at RSCenter? Maybe you are already registered anyway.
    Can you send me a PM letting me know your Number and Username, I think I can check to see if you are registered there?
  13. Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. Was I supposed to register for their forums too? I just did that.
  14. No need to register on their forums normally, this is just to try and fix the issue.
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  15. I've got it sorted out! I can't wait to rally.
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