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New here and sad :(

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by thekhan360, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Hello guys,

    I am a first timer here. And like the support the veterans and less experienced people provide. I have always found simulations as my 'thing' and I remember having a great time with Gran Turismo on the PSP.

    However I wanted to take this passion a bit further and get me a modern racing sim. After see-sawing for about a couple of weeks, I finally invested in Stock Car Extreme and am extremely bowled away by that masterpiece O.O

    However, keyboard turning isn't ideal for sims as you guys may already know. I cant buy a wheel right now due to financial issues and dont prefer a gamepad. So I came across this amazing thing where you could use your mouse to steer with precision. I have honestly banged my head to get it working on SCE since 2-3 days now but to no avail.
    I am trying the Freepie+Vjoy approach. Vjoy sets up very well but its the FreePie script where I am stuck at.

    I play Arma 3 and am 'ok' with sqf as I script there. However Python is different. I have a thread here:

    I need you wizards to please give it a glance. It has a script that I am trying to use. Saw it in a youtube video for rFactor. However the uploader said it can be used for any racing game. I just need the mouse x axis as steering, and RMB as shift down, and LMB as shift up.

    Thank you and peace out :D
  2. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Backmarker Champion 2015 & so far this year. Staff Premium Member

    Hi and welcome to Race Department. I see you have already asked on the SCE forum, it can sometimes take a few days for people to answer.
    Might also be worthwhile trying the Reiza forum as well, they have a SCE section.
    Sorry I can't help with your problem but hopefully someone else can.
  3. Okay, I just tried PPjoy with automobilista and it works great. The only real problem are the drivers, but it works in windows 7... if you have windows 10, I cant really help you, but it might be the same procedure.

    First, you need that file:
    then, you open the start menu, type "cmd", right click cmd and select "start as administrator".
    forum 1.png
    in the opened window, type: bcdedit -set testsigning on
    forum 2.png
    Restart your PC. If the command worked, you will have some words on the bottom right corner of your desktop:
    forum 3.png
    Then, install the program you downloaded. Windows will ask you 2 times to accept installation of unsigned drivers. Accept both times.
    Go to program files, PPjoy joystick drivers - configure joystick - and just add a controller. Windows will install a driver.
    forum 4.png
    Then, go to PPjoy joystick drivers - virtual joystick - mouse joystick. You might want to make a shortcut on desktop, because you will have to run that program every time before you play.
    forum 5.png
    Then you get the following window - you just leave it to run at the background.
    forum 6.png
    The settings you see work pretty good for me, but you might want to play around with them. They govern the speed of the separate axes.
    Next you have to assign everything ingame. Its abit fiddly - because left mouse button is also joystick button 1, but its not too hard to figure out. Here I add a mouse config - but it is for Automobilista, it might not work in GSCE. For automobilista you drop it in my documents/automobilista/userdata/controller and for GSCE it would be root folder/user data/controller. It might work right off the bat if you dont have any other gamepads plugged in.

    When I used mouse steering for GPL, I had it set up like that: mouse up - throttle, mouse down - brake, mouse left and right - steering, left click - gear up, right click - gear down.It gives you nice control over everything, but it takes getting used to to know when you're actually braking or accelerating and by how much.

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  4. I just tested it out - with no assists besides autoclutch - on cascavel with stock car v8 and got within 1 second of my wheel time, also decently consistent. It is pretty good control method imo.
  5. I saw on the other post you use windows 8? From what I read, the procedure is exactly the same. Also I just drove abit on cascavel with stock v8 - with no assists besides auto clutch - and got within 1 second of my wheel time, also pretty consistent. Its a viable control method imo.