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New Guy

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by John Deering, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone! I just thought I would introduce myself. I am new to PC sim racing and just built my gaming PC about 3 months ago for the primary purpose to sim race. I started on the console and am racing in a league using Forza 2 motorsports. I much prefer the PC sims though cause most guys in the console world that I race against use a game pad and I on the other hand have set up a cockpit.

    The community is good though and I am hoping to start getting involved in the PC community. How ever I don't have a mic. yet. But I have been trying to get myself familiar with the PC sims for the past 3 months and I think the one I am most comfortable with as far as racing online is GTR Evo.

    I have no idea how I would get started though in metting some people to race with. I just started toying around with the steam version yesterday. I tried to install a mod but it caused my game to crash so I had to uninstall the game and then re install. I have installed mods to rFactor with almost no problems but I had trouble with GTR.

    I like the mods that come with a install program! It makes it so easy for new guys like me. Any how I am hoping to meet some people and get started. Thanks
  2. Hi and welcome to RD I don't race so much recently but saw you post and thought I would say Hi, if you havent already done join the RD club and enter some of the races, its a different experience to online with wreckers, not saying collisions don't happen.. especially with out of practice noobs like me! Anyway just join some of the one off races, respect other players -ie, don't cut corners, obey blue flags, blah, blah, blah, blah ,blah and some more RD blah! (Don't be put off... )You'll find a great set of people maybe you'll enter a league and take it all the way, maybe, like me, you'll race on public servers mostly but do an occasional race, either way you'll know when your on an RD server whatever you abilities you will get respect and road space, if you give it, and you'll get to race with some awesome players, a few aliens too, but thats just down to practice the right setup for you, great hardware because it does make a difference, a lack of fear because your in front of your pc and trees won't hurt, and in many cases, just a smattering pure driving ability. . .Enjoy....
  3. Hey John, welcome. You stumbled onto the greatest place on the web to sim race. Great bunch of guys here. Here's my 10 step program for getting you involved and racing online.

    1. Become a "member by posting 25 times and then applying here http://forum.racedepartment.com/member-area/

    2. Get a mic and download teamspeak. This is essential if you're going to be needing help with setups, mods etc...

    3. We will help you get the mods that you need, we'll help you get skins into the game and just all around get you set up to race. Just begin to race with us at a club event and make some connections.

    4. Pick a community within this community to get involved with... for example, I race with the North American racers (but not excluding aussies and europeans) on Friday nights in the STCC cars. We race at 9pm eastern standard and the race goes until around 11. We usually have around 20 guys on teamspeak and everyone is always willing to help that night as well as througout the week.

    Oh well.... thought I could create 10 steps but it's really quite simple. Apply, get a mic and get connected. Once you've done the first 2, goto this thread to find a race in your timezone that fits and start connecting to others that can help you get involved. PM me if you need more info. http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution-racing-club/
  4. Thank you so much guys!!! I am going to pick up a mic today cause I know that's important and I will be sure to take these steps as you recommended! It's a huge relief to get such a positive response from the PC sim community. I am very respectful of other guy's on the track. I am already familiar with that sort of thing cause of the one league that I race in with Forza 2.

    We take it seriously but try and have good clean fun at the same time. I'll keep ya posted. I have to get those 25 posts...
  5. You don't need 25 posts to join anymore. Just apply.
  6. Also, we have a burgeoning community for other games on the Xbox and PS3 platforms too. Quite a few of the guys there are also starting to make the transition over from console to PC (and some are happy to game on both!). It would be worthwhile dropping by and getting involved there too.

    Generally, most events are set up on Race Pro for the 360 at the moment, but for sure you can bet there will be plenty when Forza 3 drops in our laps.

    Most of all though, you'll find this website very much like Carlsberg, Probably the best racing sim website in the world!
  7. Jarrod, the 25 post thing is gone for a LOOOOONG time:)
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You exaggerate Eric, only been a year ago :)

    :welcome: John! May your journey into PC Simland be a joyful one!
  9. Ah haaaa... Sorry bout misleading you young jedi padwan.... Forget my 25 post suggestion. Connect with the appropriate group immedaitely and report to your station. Get the mic and get one of us on teamspeak to help you out!!!
  10. Will do! I got a little tied up today and couldn't make it to the store for the mic but I'm heading out tomorrow to grab it and I'll touch base with ya then. Thanks so much!
  11. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Welcome John. You will love it here at RD.

    We have coffee, pool tables, swimming pool, gym...the whole shabang. Feel free to roam around. Watch out for Adam, he wears a hat all the time.

    Get urself on Weds/Fri/Sun events if you can.

    I used to be a console man myself before venturing into PC gaming. Always thought back then consoles were the best, but PC sim racing is in a whole different league.

  12. :plus1:

    and welcome john :)

    im trying to get my cousin to come in pc sim race atm is on forza 2 ....

  13. :lol:
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Abdul deliberately didn't mention the Sunday morning massages to get in shape for another week of racing :laugh:

    He wants to keep mrs massage for himself
  15. Welcome John.

    I see myself in you. :D I was a very long time a console racer, and also decided to PC sim race at one day because of wanted more realism. And i can tell you you won't be disappointed. It's a great community and good to have you onboard. :good:

    Btw don't give up your Xbox yet :D. Because there are also great races with Race pro and in the further with Forza 3 and maybe more games. :)
  16. Funny, I could have sworn that it was Lewis with the hat? Adam's the one in the shellsuit :giggle:
  17. @Abdul

    Don't forget the beer in the gravel traps on lawn chairs on Friday nights.
  18. So we get massages on Sundays? Abdul told me Sunday mornings that it's good racing luck to take a day off and not come around the track or the club..... so he's probably been collecting my massage too!!!!! Thanks a lot partner.

  19. Where exactly can I find the group that's right for me? I'm a little confused. Do you mean league?
  20. No John, I'll give you a link. Here .... http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution-racing-club/

    Those sticky threads at the top of the page are events that are scheduled for this coming week. All times showing are in GMT. If you're in Phillidelphia, you're GMT -4 so for a 1:00 gmt start time, that'll be 9pm eastern. Find an event, sign up and start connecting with guys that are racing that event. A good place to do that is in the race thread where you indicate that you want to sign up for that event. Here's a good one to begin with. Porsches at A1ring. I'll be there to be your contact and get you acclimated.


    It's sunday night at 9:00 pm eastern. It requires you download the track and the mod. I can help you get them in the correct places.

    IF not the porsche then try the friday event and begin tonight with practice with a bunch of nice guys that will help out. Get onto the practice server around 8 or 9 pm eastern to meet and drive. You'll need STCC the game to join the friday group which costs $20. We drive that every thursday and friday and are starting a league in 3 weeks. We have 37 entrants so far. You could be #38!!

    Otherwise, let me know how I can help.