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New guy...

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Graham Dunn, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Graham Dunn

    Graham Dunn

    Hi all,
    First post here and encouraged by a work colleague Dan Hawkins to sign up. Dan did apparently say that he the man who everyone must bow down too and respect on here; he is also the master of all things racing. He did tell me he won a racing cockpit once from CodeMasters, the rest of my diatribe though is pure conjecture on my part.

    So...currently playing rFactor 2, historically have played F12009 - F12012, GT5. Use a Thrustmaster T500RS and would love a set of club sport pedal to go along with that, but the Wife says heating and food is more important! *tut*.

    Would really like to get involved in some organised RF2 online racing. I am first to admit that i am not that good, or that quick, or able to keep it on the road all the time, but i am respectful of other drivers (ie, get out the way) and want to improve in all the above.

    So i guess is should ask how things work, how can i get involved and how can i get racing with you guys...?

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