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New gtx 1070 issues

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tom Blackett, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I have problems with my new 1070, started of ok with everything maxed and could run a full grid, now having massive stuttering issues and can't hold a steady 60 fps, tried different drivers, about every setting in the book to resolve this without any luck, replays are worst with red spikes in the fps app. Anybody got any ideas or share settings? as I was running a 4g 760 on highish settings before. I also have a 2500k overclocked @ 4.5. Thanks in advance
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  2. Not enough info in your post to know where to start because there are sooooo many things that can affect performance. I would start by going back to a vanilla version of AC (no third party Python apps and only run official content), rename AC folder in "My Documents", set all hardware back to default settings (no OC) and set all ingame settings to normal. Also worth seeing if there are any recent Windows updates that may have messed something up. Then run AC with no other apps running in the background and see where your performance stands. If everything is OK you can start making one change at a time until you're back to your original settings making sure to test after each new setting is made. If you hit the performance drop again you'll know what the culprit is. My experience has been that 99% of the time performance issues are due to third party Python apps (or other poorly made mods), running programs in the background or corrupted data in the "My Documents" folder.
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  3. While at it, would you know which in "My Documents" I can simply backup and copy back (in addition perhaps to the setups and replay folders? I remember clearing this a few times and there's quite a few items to maintain again (esp video->view/etc settings).
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  4. No, rename the folder (ie, old_assetto corsa) and the game will create a new one at the next launch. Don't copy any data from the old folder back to the new one, you should be recreating all your setting in-game only so you're not re-introducing any corrupt data. The only things I keep from the old folder are the replays. I don't play the challeges or career modes so that data is irrelevant for me.
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  5. I see. Though setups and cfg/cars folders too work fine for me. I'll experiment with the others, as it's more of the graphics settings I'd like included as well.
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  6. Frank

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    Update your nvidia drivers, the recent release introduced a bug on your card completely bottlenecking your memory speed (80% decrease). Nvidia released a hotfix yesterday I believe, you can find it here:
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  7. Thanks for all the replies guys, the new driver has sorted it. I thought my card was knackerd tbh, thanks to the great members of RD my problems are in the past!
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