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New GT5 Update Coming!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Robert Gray, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Next GT5 Online Update Coming Tomorrow Morning!

    The next GT5 update will be available to download tomorrow morning at approximately 4:00AM GMT, as announced by Kazunori Yamauchi on Twitter and Polyphony Digital. Here’s a human translation of his post:

    "Ok, here comes the long awaited GT5 online update. It will happen in 24 hours. An online special event will be held too."

    His Twitter post was followed shortly thereafter by updates on Polyphony Digital’s official websites, announcing scheduled maintenance and downtime of GT5’s online services around the world between 3:00AM and 4:00AM GMT.

    As usual, there is no information about exactly what this update will contain, but we’ll find out soon enough.
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Nice find. I'm looking forward to seeing what the update does. Among other things, I think the main thing right now would be to fix the abysmal performance we've been getting recently.
  3. I'm hoping it also includes Endurance Saves as this feature was said to be coming soon before everything happened in Japan.
  4. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    I wanted that too for some time. But if I'm honest, I really don't care much about offline stuff anymore. Without completely overhauled AI the A-Spec events just don't interest me. Fixed performance, more lobby features and full replay controls (something which has been asked for since release day) are what I want right now, in that order.