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New Graphics drivers ATi 11.9 Right but wrong...Nvidia please also take note.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by blackcelica, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. ATi 11.9 graphics drivers do not solve the save game error. Well they do but they don't, let me explain. I updated my drivers and started career mode again and have done 4 races this evening. I quit the game after every race after it auto saved and the game re-loaded every time no problems. However if you go into career mode, do a race, then go into anything else ie: time trial, grand prix mode blah blah, the save game file becomes corrupt. Ive tested this numerous times over the last few hours and the result is the same. Or if you go into grand prix mode the race the do another race in grand prix mode and nothing else, all is fine. It is only when you crossover from one racing mode to another that the save corrupts. So the conclusion is it has absolutely nothing to do with the graphic driver at all but a mix of game modes. I had to repeat one race this evening as if the file corrupts then it rolls back a race (if you have backed up and paste over your old save) so a tip is keep it to a 20% race distance until the game has been patched properly because re-doing a 50% race is a killer to lose, especially if you won it the first time round.
  2. I'm just curious why you would think graphic drivers would solve that issue in the first place?
  3. Graphics drivers are never going to solve a problem with a game's save function - you're aware of that, right?
  4. Yes I am, but it has been posted on various forums, steam, codemasters and this one that the graphics driver update has solved it. I didnt believe that for one minute. However I am convinced after tonight that it is when you mix different game modes between quitting out of the game that causes it. At least on my machine anyway. I cant speak for everyone but just try it. Don't mix game modes before quitting out and all should be well until its patched. I've read about people that have abandoned career mode and are just doing grand prix mode, hense no save corruption, that gave me the idea to test the theory in the first place. Apparently a patch is on the way so lets hope it cures it once and for all.
  5. I don't have this problem, I mix it up all the time and have no problem with corrupt saves. Run the game as an administrator and see if that helps.
  6. This^

    I've never had a corrupt save game running as administrator - this game or last years.
  7. If you get a corrupt save simply go into the save game directory


    and delete the file GTEHXOSJZ_0...Then make a copy of the file GTEHXOSJZ_1 and rename it GTEHXOSJZ_0 then place it back in the autosave folder...

    Restart the game and the only thing youve lost after corruption is your wheel custom changes...Your career and everything else is fine...

    lol immediatly after writing this post i started the game and had a corrupt save :p
  8. Funny thing though, i've turned the .exe attributes of steam and F1 2011 to run as administrator and not had a crash since. Didn't think I would have to that i'm the only account on my pc??? Anyway, evening of testing ahead.