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New graphic card

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Adrian Falcon, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Two years ago I bought an AMD Radeon HD 7770, but talking with several people, I've noticed that it hasn't the performance it should. I have 200€ (260$) to spend in a new graphic card to play Project Cars, Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 in max settings. I've thought in a R9 270x but I want to hear other opinions. I'm also interested if there is any possibility to have bottleneck with my processor.
    My pc specifications:
    -Processor: Intel Core i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz
    -Graphic card: AMD Radeon HD 7770 Series 1024 mb
    -RAM: 8gb
    -Motherboard: P8Z77-M PRO

  2. Your other option at that price point is the GTX 760, it runs slightly faster in many games, and uses less power. Also it is a GTX, so it could even help you drive faster ;)
    edit: Don't worry about your processor bottlenecking the card either. The frames you lose compared with a top end cpu will be in the single figures.
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  3. PowerColor R9 285 Turbo Duo Review $249 --> Link
    Good luck.
  4. I'm doubting in a R9 280 or a GTX 770. Theoretically Project Cars and rFactor 2 are optimized for Nvidia cards. What do you think guys?
  5. Out of those two cards, I'd go for the gtx 770 every time, I'm close to pulling the trigger on one of those myself.
  6. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    I have a very fast GTX 670, that comes close to the stock GTX770 in term of performance, combined with a beefy i7 CPU @ 4.4ghz.
    But none of the videocards mentioned above are capable to do pCars or Asetto Corsa with everything maxed out and a full field of cars at 1920x1080 with minimum of 60 fps.
    So start saving up a bit more if and go for a 780GTX (TI) or better.
  7. I got an R9 280x. Haven't experienced any issues, performance or otherwise, in rFactor 2, AC, or indeed any other game. ;)
  8. Hi Dewald, do you play rF2 and AC on max settings with a R9 280x?
  9. Not max, no, but the same settings I played it on with my 670. Pretty high nonetheless.

    Say Medium for opponent detail, AA on X4 I think, and shadows = medium, and shadow blur off. The rest pretty much max. Gets about 80-120 FPS at the most demanding tracks.
  10. I have a HD7770 it will do Crysis 2 at 1600x900 at 60hz with tessellation disabled but it's crippled to 30hz at 1920x1080 whatever you do. :(
    If you're in the UK you can buy an R9 270 (tuned HD7870) for £100-120 and it's the best deal right now. You even get some games thrown in. I don't think Nvidia have been competitive on price this year but I guess they will cut their prices in time.
  11. I'm also looking for a new card to run these games on high specs I have a
    i7-2600 cpu @ 3.40ghz 8gb ram I'm using a GeForce GTX 550ti.
    I play on my 32" tv any advice would be great