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Featured New Gran Turismo Documentary: “Made from Reality”

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    GT Sport.jpg
    Polyphony Digital have released an interesting short documentary following 49 year old Gran Turismo CEO Kazunori Yamauchi as he takes part in the 2016 edition of the Nurburgring 24 Hour event.

    Yamauchi went on to finish in 18th place in class, 22nd overall, at the wheel of his Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 in a race he first entered back in 2009 as part of the World Car Awards team, where he went on to win the SP8 class on his race debut.

    Gran Turismo Documentary: “Made from Reality”:

    Gran Turismo Sport will be available to purchase on the 15th and 18th November for US and European players respectively.

    Check out the RaceDepartment Gran Turismo sub forum for all your GT related news and discussion items.

    Will you be looking to purchase GT Sport on its release? Do you like the new direction of the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    If I had bought a PS4 instead of an Xbox One I may have been interested in this. But I'm not about to rush out and buy a new console just to play it when my PC is more than capable as a sim racing machine ;)
  3. Made from Reality... What a joke!
    Kaz drives real racing cars they he fills its games with fantasy cars on fantasy tracks... He drive at endurance 24h races with changing weather and he did announce a game without weather and hour of the day changes...
    He is on the pit lane hearing the real sound of the racing cars an in its games the cars sound like vacuum cleaners...

    That man needs to get back to reality...
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  4. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Totally agree there. You'd think a man who appears to have resources and funds in spades would've made a game closer to real life than even some of the other devs...
    Not sure but maybe he's still got someone above him telling him what they want and h3 has no room to be creative... Although I started doubting that last sentence as I was writing it...
  5. Yeah but it's gonna have Virtual Reality :thumbsup:

    Keep on building....
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  6. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    Excellently done documentary, the cinematography was excellent, but with all the appreciation Kazunori seems to have for motorsport, Gran Turismo is slowly drifting away. Back in the day, it was one of the best "sims" you could get, but now you look around and see AC, AMS, rFactor, R3E and Project Cars, all of which offer various features that bring you much closer to a legitimate racing experience than GT ever has.

    Similarly to how Blackberry stagnated when they took over the business phone market, GT has ground to a halt. The sounds still need a vast improvement, and from the gameplay I've seen so far, the physics make the cars look extremely floaty.
  7. I guess team schulze not competing in GT3 caused him to jump ship. Also, coming from a man who drove the GTR GT3 on the ring a year before does that mean the BMW M6 GT3 has more downforce than the GTR? It's a possibility since the front end is completely different from the road going car unlike the GTR though.
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  8. Beautifully cinematic documentary, I really enjoyed watching it and it conveyed a great sense of the excitement of endurance racing. However, I've long given up on Gran Turismo and the only exciting thing in the lead up to the game is the rumored direct drive wheel by Thrustmaster that I'm sure will be made available on both PS4 and Xbox platforms. I'm hoping to see this within the next 6 months, and whilst many of us have had our issues with the TX wheels, I'm hoping for bigger things from a direct drive wheel that will be a huge boon for the PC and console SIM enthusiast market.
    Thanks for sharing this video.
  9. Sorry for the off-topic but what model of Alfa is shown on the first picture? The screenshot is from the new Gran Turisomo?

    EDIT: Thanks, Christian. You're probably right. Anyway, 4C would be the smallest and lightest GT3 car ever :)
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
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  10. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    I believe that's an Alfa Romeo 4C, and yes, that is a screenshot of GT Sport in-game.
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