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New gloves

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by fabiofoti, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. I need new gloves.Thanks
  2. Go to a sports shop and buy them.
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  3. :laugh: Rian Speed !
  4. haha
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  5. this guy must be banned
  6. If you can not express in concrete terms, what you want, you need not to wonder. There is even a request thread if you have overlooked.
    Rethink please again your expressions. Who asks reasonable also gets proper answers!
  7. But i think we must forgive him, Alonso had a start-crash in japan:whistling::laugh:
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  8. ..that hurts :cry:
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  9. and then he blames kimi, "why didnt he lift" lol kimi is not massa fernando

    anyway, how do you change gloves, do you edit the glove texture on the helmet texture or is the texture somewhere else
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  10. Me too, it's cold out here!
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  11. Vedo che conoscete il dialetto romano...Ahahahahahaha...Comunque state attenti a non prendermi in giro se volete che non mi arrabbi...Mi volete bannare?E chi se ne importa la vita continua anche senza di voi.Ciao cari
  12. What exactly is the point of this thread????
  13. Tom

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