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New FSR President: John-Eric Saxen

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. As of today the 1st of December the newly elected ISR Club President @John-Eric Saxén takes over duties from me.
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  2. Is it good or bad?
    Or is necessary for the further development of FSR League?
  3. congratulations John-Eric hope 2014 is amazing :)
  4. God Knows and GL John on the Job wish you the best for 2014
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  5. First of all I want to thank @Johannes for the work he did as the ISR Club president, both in 2011 and 2013. It will not be an easy task to take over the lead of FSR, but I will put as much of my time and focus on this as is possible. I am also very happy to announce that David Dominguez will work alongside me as the Club Vice President, which is a position we did not have officially filled in the last 3 years.

    Since probably most of you have no clue about the election procedures or what I stand for, I decided to share my campaign for public reading here. I like to see this as the first step towards making the decisions in the ISR Club radically more transparent; in the future I will write summaries in public for each important decision taken to keep you informed. Regarding my campaign, it's important to note that whilst many of the ideas can be realized as such, most of the heavy decisions will ultimately be made as a team, either in the ISR Club Board or Team Owners Association (TOA).

    This brings me right to the next point. In the upcoming days my main target will be to find the right persons to work in (and assist) the Club Board, as the serious lack of personnel we had in the past couple of seasons was the main issue which prevented FSR from moving forwards. It is promising that most of the key members have already mentioned their interest to continue for 2014, but there are still a couple of problematic posts that need filling, perhaps must importantly the Press team and Marketing. Once the personnel issue has been tackled, I will provide a more detailed schedule of the proceedings for the next couple of months. A winter series is likely to take place, but any exact dates are not set up yet - nothing much on that front will likely happen during December.

    Finally, I want to use this opportunity by asking you, the community, about opinions and suggestions regarding how to improve the league. Anything constructive, be it praises or critic, can be posted here or PM'd to me directly.

    Onwards towards a better 2014.
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  6. Good or bad, it's part of the statutes of the club. There are elections every year.
  7. Grats John!!
  8. Congrats John, your campaign you share looks interesting, but I wonder how many of them, you(as FSR) manage to accomplish.

    Here is how we do in our league.
    For more than a season we also had the same issues with the broadcast, so we changed a bit to be more attractive to viewers.
    First off all we run 75% of the real length on each track, so the races are shorter somewhere around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    We began the broadcast as it follows:

    1. some kind of documentary with the location where the race is held
    2. Q1 - 15 minutes (all cars) while we show the track info and the leader board
    3. Q3 - 10 minutes (P1-P10 from Q1)
    4. warmup - 7 minutes to prepare the grid - and also we show from the previous race the best start
    race 75% length, and during race the broadcast crew also broadcast live team-radio talks for each team
    6. after the race interview with the top three pilots from the race
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  9. Grats to John and GL!

    Seeing ur campaign, I would like say some suggestions.

    I think the most important think about FSR is given the importance it once had. Im agree, actually iRacing and GT Academy have more relevancy. One step I think will be done, run with rf2 (or another next-gen simulator). This thing is so important to attract viewers. Obvious a simulator never seems like F12013 or pCars, but one thing is not guided by a awesome graphics and other put them aside completely, using an outdated program that takes away realism to one thing we want to sell as realistic.

    As u said, second step should be social media, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. For example in youtube have a decent number of subscribers (although you could always improve), but on Twitter we have 1/3...the question as I said is to advertise, attract attention. We have a twitter account? Let's use it! Not only to say race winners or results. Use it daily, bets about race winners, transfers, rumors, FSR Fantasy...
    A good idea is also giving away some products, i.e By lottery, a mouse between people who did RT and follow. Its great and fast idea to add some followers.

    The third step must be sponsors, actually I see GT Academy or iRacing and have important prizes or rewards. We are a WORLD Championship. Sponsors who give money must be crucial to have a high level competition. Also this is reciprocal to the two previous points. Attracting more people, sponsors are betting a good deal for FSR, and having important sponsors, FSR will be more relevant to people.

    About broadcasts, in my opinion quality are so good, more since we use youtube. Simply as u said, we need add more things and maybe take care with others. For example I do not know looks very serious broadcasts starting in the middle of a Q session. People get lost and it is not very professional. Should even start a live broadcast 5-10 minutes before, doing a review of past races, feelings, news, or even a summary of what we will see if something prepared (eg an interview on warm up [previously did, ofc ]) or after the race. The other things is it; prepare supplementary material. Interviews or graphic material about rankings, records of the track, etc. These things make the difference between any league and the best league in the world.

    On behavior, I agree, and it's one of the disappointments that I took this season. I think we are mature people, ct as such. Some disputes are things for 5 years children. Awesome!
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  10. something definitely needs to be done with the WS/WT and the whole WC drivers driving in these categories. Its not fair to people who cant compete with these guys and race after race miss out on being able to race yet some guys get 2 races... If people are too fast again and again maybe move them up to a higher division?
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  11. It's good to see people sharing their view about FSR, I hope more people will jump here and contribute :)

    I want to add something here. Obviously we always have to try to get sponsors and increase prizes etc, but we cannot look to unrealistic targets. Gran Turismo saga sells 10 million copies per game, so for obvious reasons it's much easier for them to organize big events. Also as game developers, they have contact with car manufacturers and/or racing teams.

    iRacing prize pot is roughly x3 bigger than ours, but again they have 40k subscribers who pay for everything (online suscription, cars, tracks, hosted sessions...).
  12. For live broadcasting as Adrian said, starting the broadcast half way through a warm up session is 'unprofessional'. So why don't we have people whom can do a pre race show for example, saying who was the standout of the last race and wrapping up the last race in effect. There are programs which can be used exactly for this purpose, like wirecast, this program allows people to live steam to twitch.tv , Twitch if you don't know, is a website built solely around live streaming for gaming. This would be a fantastic way of branching out for a race meeting's live streaming. There are many other programs as well like Xsplit and such. John-Eric, if you want me to help out with the broadcasts next year, I would be very happy to try to organise something if you want to message me..

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  13. since are looking for things to improve the Leagues social spirit, how about we organise a FSR Meet
  14. Don`t forget, that beside social media you`ll need a very attractive and eye catching visual impact, that impress and make curious those who see it. This should be done in a same way like if you talking about brands: logotypes (general and for each series separately), fonts, colors, styles, etc.

    The FSR need a visual identity to make the impact. Now is missing!
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  15. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    For the moment I got nothing else to say than keep working on the quality of the broadcasts.
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  16. I would suggest forcing the people entering the pits as they do in F1, to avoid accident like happened in WS this year.

    Also, the way to protest in WT (I say WT because dunno if WS works like this) its problematic cause anyone can make a protest in name of other driver agaisnt others (This year happened, that someone protested with a fake email pretending to be one of the WT drivers). What I suggest is that the Race Directors could create some emails (like hotmail or gmail for example team01protestWT@....) just to make sure its a team that wants to protest not somebody else.

    Also, the penalties for cutting the pit entry/exit should also take a 20 seg penalty, cause maybe I can cut the pit exit in order to defend a position and win a place and I just get a warning for it.

    Also I read that isnt the same judgement in therms of penalties comparing WC with WS/WT. For me the drivers are the same, if you dont judge everybody equal you arent fair, cause I found myself sometimes asking the race director why something was penalized like that and the answer was, if it was WC surely the penalty should been another one. If you read the rulebook, its explained that the judgement wont be the same for WS and WT, a thing that personally I dont like much.

    Also would be great when the post race checks are posted in the forums attached the exact rule that says that is illegal. Just to know what exactly we did wrong and also for Race Directors to show people they are objective cause some people think they are biased.
  17. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    As an up and coming driver the top level races can seem quite intimidating/unaccessible.EG Trophy and Cup were run at same pace as WSR. So where is one to start?

    As well as the comment above about managing standards would it be possible to have a mid week
    "club style" or "Pro-Am" race on the upcoming track with more relaxed entry criteria.
    EG: Same sim-mod, same circuit, cheaper and more relaxed entry requirements. Then drivers like me can lift their standard and make it hopefully into the league.

    This would facilitate a "sales funnel" for new drivers and provide a more social introductory side
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  18. To have more clear broadcast everyone should make out-laps, that is what we introduced after a few broadcasts, because it is pretty ugly to watch when someone do ESC, for viewers.
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