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New free track: USA international

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Eckhart von Glan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. staright from the iRacing homepage:
    "So, effective immediately, iRacing is adding the popular USA International Speedway to every member’s account, free of charge, as part of an expanded base package of tracks. This will enable the Season 2 Street Stock Series to rotate over the four week rookie season between USA International Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway full course (both night and day versions)."

    checked it, it's there all right

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  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    So I had to pay $11.95 for it last year and they are now giving it away for nothing to freeloaders? Ridiculous!
  3. i have pay too for it but is great to have more free stuff for new and futur user. i appreciate this move by Iracing and Cadillac free too for all.
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why? Whats wrong with being a loyal customer that purchased 90% of the content for hundreds of dollars. Haven't we paid enough to have a free track?

    This is the same sales nonsense what happens with magazines. You can be a loyal subscriber for 10 years and receive nothing for free while new customers are sucked in by the promise of receiving a free iPad 2.

    I have no problems with prizes going down, actually that would be a good thing. 12 dollars for the first six months, 6 dollars after a year, 3 after 1 1/2 year after a car / track release etc.

    But i feel seriously offended now by such actions. Its not even the amount of money I care about but the principle of not looking after your current loyal customers with such actions.
  5. For the last 2 years on black Friday we could get a year subscription for $50, that is the only deal existing customers seem to get. That's what I did last year and hopefully they can keep offering that. But ya Bram, I do get a little upset when they offer a deal for new customers and we don't get anything. I mean we do get "credits" for participating in the offical races so after 2 seasons you could get a "free" track or car :rolleyes:, but that initial payment of over $100 to buy all the tracks and a car to compete in a full season is quit expensive.
  6. too true, Greg, and that's why I always only run bits of seasons if I happen to already own a track. I do my picks 25% by heart (Oulton) and 75% by cool consideration (always buy a roval it can be used in both road and oval, never ever buy an oval) as for this track here, never considered buying it, so getting it for free feels nice.
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  7. I don't get people, everybody seems to want everything for free these days...
    What do you do if you buy a new PC and they reduce the price 2 weeks later? Do you go to the store and ask your money back?

    The more you want for free, the more expensive everything will become...

    The problem with iRacing is the initial cost if you want to buy some content, but once you have the content and you recalculate your monthly cost over a period of lets say 5 year I bet you would be surprised with the result.

    I have spend 724,07$ since joining in july 2010 (now at about 90% content). This gives me a monthly cost of 38,11$ (29,17€ with today's exchange rate), and this will only drop as time goes one. This year I might only buy 2 tracks (Motegi, Zolder) and have to take another subscription (possibility of a black Friday deal) So that would be a cost of around 78$ for this year (6,5$ a month)
    And if I could redo it with the knowledge I have today, I would have spent a lot less and bought fewer content making things cheaper.

    I have spend a lot more money on things I enjoyed a lot less long. One less dinner at a nice restaurant and I have recuperated my cost for this year.
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  8. I wish i could sell of half the cars i own...
  9. I agree Tom, that once you make the initial purchase that iRacing isn't really that expensive to run (monthly). With the black friday deal I am only paying about $4 a month, I waste more money downloading apps on my phone that I will only use once or twice.

    The problem with free stuff is, you see someone else getting free stuff then you want free stuff, it doesn't matter if its crap or new car you just want a deal like them so you don't feel taken advantage of.
  10. yeah, being able to sell unwanted content would be a great feature. I for one would happily buy "used" content, not much tear and wear to bits and bytes, is there?
  11. I bought USA for one of my SK Modified seasons and I got $14.95 worth of use out of it. I hear a lot of folks gripe about paying for things, but not much about the value you get out of them...I usually consider myself to have broken even if I get as much use out of a track as I get out of a month of Netflix.

    Would I like $14.95 in credits back so I could get a non-free track back? Certainly, and I honestly believe they should offer that to folks who bought USA fairly recently. But I had it over a year and left many sets of tires on it so...not getting a refund seems fair to me.

    And we ARE getting a new car, for free. A nice, big, roaring one.;)