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New Ford WRC Fiesta

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by DeepJKL_FIN, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Car is in the game already for some time :). The skin is another thing, probably someone is already on it too.
  2. Aah! Didn't know but now i do. :)
  3. New Fiesta WRC is really hot!!! BTW is all WRC cars in WRC are going to be 1.6. I mean could it happened that some privater could have 2.0 old car?
  4. According to the new tech regulations, 2011 onwards (until next newer regulation comes up) its going to be restricted to 1.6ltr turbo-charged engines. Check the FIA.com for details.

  5. There is nothing said about privater team...Old 2.0 WRC propably could be in rally with new 1.6 car, isn't it?
  6. As far I as know yes an old 2.0 car can still run in the hands of a private driver.

    But you have to remember that the works teams have better tyres, MORE spare parts, MUCH bigger budgets and the BEST drivers. A TRUE private driver will NEVER win a WRC rally again. It's a pity but thats the way it is.
  7. But Petter Solberg had last year great team, which was private.
  8. I was waiting for someone to mention Petter.

    Look, i think Petter is one of the BEST drivers in the WRC now and he did a GREAT job putting together the team he has and getting the results he has, but he was getting SUPPORT from Citroen. It might not have been much but there was support. To call Petter's team a true private effort would be like Torro Rosso calling itself a private team. They get their engines from Ferrari, they are a semi works team.

    It might just be my opinion but for a driver to be a privateer they have to have NO support from the manufacturer.
  9. ... thus meaning they drive a bike, and not a car ;). J/k, I get your point, although when Petter was using the Xsara the support was very limited; however the C4 was virtually a Junior Citroen car with most of the factory backing they get.

    Ending the off-topic: I thought about making the current Fiesta livery, but the template is still not out. Seems like the Garyson's Fiesta is still in beta and it's kinda pointless to pout too much effort in reverse-engineering the textures. And season haven't started, cars haven't raced, so no real loss either.