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New for RSRBR2011

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Rick Bamford, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. omg omg omg WOW omg omg omg YIPPIE omg omg omg YES omg omg omg

    My favorite car of all time is the Lancia Stratos.

    The sexiest Rally car ever was the Renault Megane Maxi - discribed by one journalist as sex on wheels.

    The most powerful would be the Audi Quattro S1 (i think 600+bhp)

    The most successful driver is Sebastien Loeb

    But the most successful rally car of all time is the Ford Escort and the best of them was the Mk2

    And now we have one for RSRBR....................................YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to wait untill I get to download RSRBR2011 but if anyone wants to download it and have a play here is the link. I have been waiting for this one since i found RSRBR.

  2. Very cool, love those early Escorts, too bad they were never offered in the US. I was hoping for the Evo X, but it looks like we will have to wait even longer.
  3. I saw the Escort in action, it is not as slow as the shoddy mark I we ran a while back. AMAZING stuff, been holding my breath for this car too :)
  4. With 39 votes, I'd bet everyone in this part of the forum voted twice or something :D

    Cool car, looking forward to it.

    MkI was pretty fun, it was just a bad model.
  5. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    45 votes an in the LEAD
  6. I know I created like 10 new accounts to vote!

    Just kidding :)

    *feels like someone is watching him as the admins check IP logs*
  7. We do have facilities that flag up that sort of thing ;)
  8. RSRBR 2011

    Is already available
  9. will we need this for Round 5?
  10. Damien, I would conclude from this that we should not be installing or using RSRBR2011 for this Rally Round.

    If we have some people using RSRBR2011 for this one it may cause issues since I see that some of the Group N cars have updated physics.
  11. O.k Holding off updating to RSRBR2011 until the end of round 5.

    BTW.. i don't know about you guy's, but i think i'm going to do a fresh install of 2011, in other words 2010 is in the bin or maybe i don't have a choice?

    I hope my car physics for RDRC/S2 is still the same?
  12. The Tutorial at Rallyesim says that RSRBR2011 must be installed over a fresh installation of RBR. So, it will be a fresh start for me.
  13. Correct, PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE UNTILL AFTER ROUND 5. If you do and have issues don't come crying to me, lol.
  14. Just wanted to clarify in advance (no, I'm not updating yet :]), since there is no mention of that fact in the RSRBR 2011 installer - you DO have to uninstall everything before installing the newer version?
  15. Lukasz,
    In the RSRBR2011 Tutorial at Rallyesim, it says this at the start of the installation procedure:

    Uninstall RSRBR 2010 AND Richard Burns Rally game (mandatory) if you had the version on your computer.
    Use "BackupRSRBR.exe" to make backups of files except for the sounds and 7z car packs (it will damage some RSRBR 2011 files)

    That is what I plan to do.
  16. Now Iám in trouble, don't have a clean backup, can download it again, so is it posible to clean up 2010, so 2011 will install??????????
    Thanks for your advice!!
  17. LOL, update one for RSRBR2011 is due in 19 days...................................what did they forget? LOL
  18. I'm waiting update no.1 cose this 2011 has so many bugs, I guess :). Anyway, just installed RSRBR 2011 and looooooooks realy cooooool. Now I'm just waiting for my (new) wheel to arrive, or better, to be bought :) !!!:D