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New fantasy HD car files OK - but do I need change this "b_car_monitor_mc0.pssg" ??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by The-Sheriff, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I am about to have a new fantasy carset ready, and the normal car HD files both low and high (mc0_gen_high_main.pssg) are OK (done via PSSG editor).

    As changing other files, regarding the pitcrew, clothes, helmet etc, I fell over this file, where the ingame standard team car is also visible (Mclaren car in this example).

    Do I need to change that file as well, I guess not, as other new cars to be downloaded does not include this file, but why is the ingame default teamcar then visible in this file ??

    Cheers Peter
  2. That is the Texture for the Car you see on your monitor in the Pits, where you can tweak your car settings...
  3. Aaaah brilliant Mitch - thanks... I will then try to make something of that file, as I would like my car to turn up on that screen in the garage. Cool...
    cheers peter
  4. Hey...

    Just tried around a little...and got the texture of the new Lotus Renault GP working for that monitor (re0_main_ui_comp.dds.png inside the b_car_monitor_re0.pssg)! Just had to resize the texture to 40% and put it in to the top-left corner.
    Haven't yet found about the other file (re0_main_ui_spec.dds.png) in that pssg...but hopefully will in a few minutes
  5. Thats really good - I will try the same with reducing to 40 % with my own car and mc0 files. ;-)
  6. it was 40% from 2048px... i'm sure you will find out. just place the texture in the top-left and resize that layer, 'til it fits...
  7. Yes I did and it looks cool to have the custom car visible in the garage. Only thing is the resolution of the pic is not that top notch ;-) I will try to see if I can get it to 4096 resolution.... thanks for the tip.
  8. well done!!!!!!
  9. If I take a 4096 HD car file my new car is made in, and fits it to the window with 80 % as its 4096 instead of 40% with 2048, there is a issue not with the file but with the PSSG editor, it says it does not support the b_car_monitor_re0.pssg file when I try to open it. To have it changed for HD as the Texture Editor 0.5 does not support HD, so we have to wait to get monitor HD files.... unless someone finds another way...,