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New downloaded GTL - my old cups and cars

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by ebrich, May 30, 2011.

  1. ebrich


    I bought a boxed GTL game a few months ago and saw that I can now download GTL for free and without having the game dvd permanently in my DVD drive, due to the starwhatsit. So I download it and it works just fine but is there anybody who can tell me the files to put into the new, from the old, so I have the cars that I " paid "for. I have the tracks, cups and challenges copied over but cannot find the file with the cars.
  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    Hmmm - I thought it was all webbed up in your player folder, to be honest.

    You could always drop the "All cars" cheat into the new installation and create a new profile, but I'm not sure whether you'd want to do that.

    Outside of that, I'm not sure unfort.
  3. I double checked, and everything is indeed in the driver folder.

    I installed the digital version a few days ago, and just pasted my old driver folder back in, and all my cars are there, both default, and addon.
  4. By driver folder it's this folder right: GTL/Userdata/*drivername* ?
  5. That's the one :good:
  6. ebrich


    Many thanks. But thats what I thought and did and on opening the profile in game I have my cups and races but no credit and although it says 12 cars they are still locked away to be paid for.?!?