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New contract

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Marco_lammen, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Im now in my career with lotus, on suzuka.
    i turn 2 contracts down for be the first driver my rep is 15.
    when do i get offers from other teams.?

    another question, who do you replace if you sign a contract by mclaren hamilton or button?
  2. its 20 for force india 25 for williams dont know bout red bull mcclaren ferrari or any other teams and you replace button if signed with mclaren
  3. ty nice im a fan of lewis my end goal is now mclaren.
    i have the rep for torro rosso but no offer
  4. yeah me too but i couldnt pick him as my rival in the first season so i picked alonso and if you do well in the next race you should get an offer from torro rosso
  5. no not entirely true i signed with mclaren and i replaced hamilton i guess its whichever driver u beat u get his seat
  6. yeah i think that is the case after abit more time of playing the game but in my career i picked alonso as my rival and beat him and took massa's seat odd
  7. dunno anthony but i drove for ferrari before my save went currupt was a beauty to drive plus this is my new second season im lucky to get mclaren im also playing on xbox