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New Contract Offers

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Walcott, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I'm puzzled, I just won at Abu Dhabi from 13th on the grid, having 'accidently' taken out both Red Bulls and Alonso on the first lap forcing them all to pit :cool:, which meant I overtook Schumacher in the standings to finish 6th overall in my BMW. I then look at my contract offers and I only have offers from HRT, Lotus and Virgin, not even BMW. So having driven a piss poor car already, I now have to drive another for this season. I just don't understand why BMW didn't offer me a new contract, they expected me to finish 10th overall, which I did, and we were only 26 points behind Mercedes GP in the constructors, so had Kobayashi not been such a dribbly we would have been higher than them..

    And something else, I've noticed if I press the back button in-race to replay a certain moment, some camera shots show my car to say De La Rosa's name on the side. The driver I replaced when I started the career, intentional or a bug? Sorry for the essay :cool:
  2. they prob have given u an offer but u took too long to response that happened to me when u take too long they just replace you, and im not sure about the camera shots i guess i have to try that on mine. lotous has a good car anyway ;) its all about ut car setup and how u drive the track its little to do how good ur car is.