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New Contract choice

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Steve Riddell, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Right Folks at the moment im nearly finished my first season and i have a few offers and a few interested!

    No 1 driver: Lotus

    No 1 driver: HRT

    No 1 driver: BMW

    No 1 drive: Torro Rosso

    No 1 driver: Virgin

    No 1 driver: Force India

    No 2 driver: Renault

    Interested: Williams

    Interested: Mercedes

    Intersted: Red Bull

    Interested Ferrari

    I really want ferrari but dont know whether to stay with lotus as im loving how its coming together in th R&d
  2. Go Torro Rosso and a year later Red Bull
  3. In my opinion you should go Toro Rosso or Force India. I´m not saying Lotus, HRT or Virgin because i assume you started your carrer in a lower team. Try to have a step by step evolution.
  4. aye thats right i started with lotus but want to try the R&D thing grrrr hard choice,

    i also have mclaren interested now so will have to wait and see
  5. At the moment i´m trying the R&D with Lotus (my second carrer game). In the second season i choosed the balanced one with the purpose of having a great car for the 3rd season...let´s just hope that the car evolution is notable!
  6. If your winning then stay with Lotus. If your midfield then go to Toro Rosso or Sauber. If your at the back then go with Red Bull etc.
  7. Another point is the reputation bug! If you have a low reputation, even if you win all races in a top team you will not have your contract renovated! It is a silly bug...
  8. right so im level 17 with 4 races to go and if manage to win a seat with ferrari it will only be for 1 yr even if i do well??
  9. Yes ... it will take several seasons to build up your reputation level before you can stay at a top ranked team for more than one year.

    My next race in my 2nd season is in Hungary (I stayed at HRT for the first two years) and I think I will be asked to select my rival after Hungary (if not Hungary it will be a race soon after). I am ahead of Schumacher in points right now and could very well beat him as a rival and take his ride. But I won't because I lack the reputation to stay at Mercedes GP for more than one year. I am at level 21 poised to jump to level 22 by the next race if I drive clean. But it's looking like I will be no higher than level 24 by season's end. I was hoping to get a ride at Williams, but I think they demand level 25. So I am guessing Force India will be my next best choice as they only require level 22? Assuming I even play this game into a 5th season, I am guessing I won't have the rep level to stay with a top ranked team until the 5th through 7th years of my career.
  10. By reading the offers, I would say you play a 3 season career. Every team should say what is the required reputation. From your options, I would go with renault, it's the best team from all the offers. Force India is before Renault, Mercedes is after Renault, in terms of performance.
  11. Tough call if he is only playing a 3 year career and he wants to drive for Ferrari. There is no guarantee that he will get an offer from Maranello for the 3rd season. So if he is really bent on driving for Ferrari he probably should take the 2nd season ride if he can beat the rival in this 1st season. But his time with Ferrari will only last for one season due to how the reputation levels work in this game.
  12. I would say sign with Force, but if you plan on doing 20%+ races steer clear of them. I'm on my third season of a seven year career, started with Lotus. I signed with Torro Rosso for year two. It's a pretty solid car, bites nicely, decent power. I ended up topping the board, signed with Ferrari, and instantly regretted it. That car has such a loose rear it's not even funny.
  13. right 1st season 7yr carrer proffesional difficulty on sao paulo this afternoon!

    just won the championship and beat my rival webber and now have a offer with red bull as 2nd driver!!

    weirdly i was going to sign with lotus again but since winning the championship they have retracted their offer ??

    now i only have offers from Force India 1st Driver, Renault 2nd Driver, Mercedes 2nd Driver, and mclaren and ferrari still intersted but no offer as yet.

    now im going to wait until after the last race to see exactley what is happening

    Tyre Sim off, Traction medium, next season Tyre Sim on and Traction off
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Glad you are looking at assists Riddler, as you have won the WDC in a Lotus in yr 1! Your results indicate you are going well.
    To keep it interesting you may want to a) Slow yourself down/increase the driving skill challenge with less assists or b) Speed the AI up (Legend).
    From what i have tried and read I tend to think option a) is better for improving the driving and realism. Dropping TCS and ABS and taking on Tyre sim and fuel sim against Pro AI should be competitive but do-able. Doing that AND going Legend AI is a BIG jump.
    Fuel sim is tougher on you than the AI.
  15. exactely!! i did half the season with tyre/fuel sim on and pro AI, and traction med, but hey im 31 with kids and wife and aint much time so to get most out the game i changed to Tyre/Fuel sim off, Traction med, pro AI and started winning a few races and won champioship so just waiting till season has ended to see whos still offering contracts.

    but must say Tyre/Fuel sim assists make a hell of a difference!!!!!!!! next season trye sim is off 3rd Season AI to Legend, if i manage to get theat far lol,