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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Jonathan McLeod, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Nice to see some older Group 5 cars coming to RRE soon. What else would people like to see? I'd love some more historical stuff, including some of the classic old circuits.

    Something like a World Sportscar Pack would be immense, with say the following tracks and cars:

    USA: Daytona (1966 layout), Watkins Glen (1971 layout), Sebring (1967 layout), Elkhart Lake, Riverside (1969 layout)
    Canada: Mosport Park
    Austria: Osterreichring (1977 layout) & Zeltweg[​IMG]
    Italy: Vallelunga (1967 layout) Monza (1973 layout), Imola (1981 layout), Mugello (1974 layout), Enna Pergusa, Misano (1972 layout)
    France: Dijon-Prenois, Circuit de la Sarthe (1971 layout)
    South Africa: Kyalami (1961 layout)
    Japan: Fuji (1985 layout)


    BMW M1 (1979) [Already in Raceroom]
    Cougar C24S (1990)
    Cougar C30LM (1993)
    EMKA Aston Martin C83/1 (1983) [​IMG]
    Inaltera LM (1977)
    Jaguar XJR-9 (1988)
    Jaguar XJR-14 (1991)
    Lancia Beta Monte Carlo (1981)
    Lancia LC2 (1983)
    Matra MS670B (1972)
    Mazda 767B (1989)
    Mazda 787B (1991)
    Mazda MXR-01 (1992)
    Mirage GR8 (1975)
    Nissan R89C (1989)
    Nissan R90CK (1990)
    Peugeot 905 Evo 1B (1992)
    Porsche 935K (1979)
    Porsche 936/77 (1977)
    Porsche 956 (1982-1984)
    Porsche 962C (1985-1988)
    Renault Alpine A442B (1978)
    Rondeau M378 (1978)
    Rondeau M379B (1980)
    Sauber Mercedes C9 (1989)
    Sauber Mercedes C11 (1990)
    Sauber Mercedes C291 (1991)
    Sauber SHS C6 (1993)
    Spice SE89C (1990)
    Toyota 90C-V (1990)
    Toyota 92C-V (1992)
    Toyota TS010 (1992)
    Toyota 93C-V (1993)
    WM P79 (1979)
    WR LM93 (1993)

    That would essentially be an entire games worth of content, but I imagine it would be extremely popular. Hopefully Sector3 will be releasing at least some of it in the near future!
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  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Yeah I was thinking about this yesterday and although it's great to have places like the Nords, the reason I like Game Stock Car is the Brazilian tracks included are unheard of but are great fun to drive.

    For example places like Daytona, Lime Rock, Road America, Road Atlanta, would also like Philadelphia. A track I saw on an IMSA race once and just looks great fun.

    There are lots of awesome tracks in the world that we never really see in Sim games. Would be great for them to be included.

    As far as cars are concerned, yes I would love to see the final versions of the Group C cars. The Peugeot 905, Toyota TS010, and Jaguar XJR-14. I'm a Mazda fan but I would admit the '91 car would have a hard time up against these three so probably not a good match.

    As RRE seem to like doing the more historical style cars (could be easier from a licencing point of view). Maybe this is a possible inclusion at some point in the future. Until then I'll keep myself happy with the Virtua Le Mans Mod, haha.
  3. The problem S3S have is they have to sell individual cars and individual tracks rather than a game. Some might like to drive obscure south american tracks and I have to admit the obscure Swedish tracks in STCC were very nicely done but I suspect their manly European customers would rather pay money for a track they've heard of. Plus S3S are producing experience packs so their priority has to be tracks used by WTCC, DTM and ADAC.

    I too welcome the historic content in R3E. To date there haven't been any historic tracks. I suspect one reason is producing them is a different process to making a current track. There is no 3D data package from the circuit, and textures can't be produced from photos of the real thing. Other developers have produced historic tracks so its clearly possible but I suspect they are more expensive to produce.

    I am hoping that some developer decides to do Goodwood one day. There are lots of cars that go with it - Cobras, E-Types, Corvettes, Cortinas, GTAs, Minis, Galaxies - the list is a long one. How about a Goodwood Revival Experience?
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  4. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Yeah, I only picked those tracks as examples. Wasn't intentionally America biased! haha.

    I would like to see an all new version of Pau for the WTCC cars though. I'm sure that the team would do an amazing looking version of that.
  5. [​IMG]

    What about this? That would have been a great series for online right?...
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  6. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Well one lap of the Nords will be about an hour....
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  7. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Jeremy Clarkson approves this car
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  8. 2 lap race? Short and sweet! :roflmao:

    And I'm sure they would all be disqualified in a 40 minute sprint race. :D
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  9. Yeah, but it would be a awesome hour...All about not crashing since then the car will most likely fall over...
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  10. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Probably best to take the outside line through the Karussell then.....:laugh: