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New content vs. updating existing content

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Funkx, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Everyone appreciates the release of new content, me included, and there are some tracks teased not long ago, I'm really looking forward seeing in the sim. But what's about updating the existing content to the new physics and ffb?
    I know there are some serious issues that needs to be fixed and that have a higher priority.
    But once you've tried the new roadfeel and car physics, the other existing cars/tracks do feel quite poor. I would love to see some of the awesome existing content to be updated. Laguna Seca should be great with the new roadfeel; also those great cars like the Capri, Audi GTO, McLaren MP4, ...

    Same for the Hillclimb Pack: the Carlsson is great but driving it on Lakeview isn't fun at all as this track is not updated and a real fps-killer on my PC. All new tracks run perfectly in 4k and highest settings.

    Any timing available?
  2. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    no timing available but we have discussed finding a location where it is made known what track are updatew now, which are not updated, and which are next to be updated. Just a matter of finding the time to do it and maintain it.

    We try to update old content with every update we do, but its gonna take some time.
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  3. Thanks Jay. Good to hear!
    I'm sure with the new offices and the faster pizza delivery, you're able to work even faster
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  4. Yes I would like to see this become a priority. In particular Bathurst please.
  5. I find it appauling that you keep pushing new content without updating older stuff first. It's things like this that keeps me off from this sim eventho I test it when updates comes out.
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  6. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    @Jebus We are doing both at the same time, which IMO is the best solution. Since the roadfeel/ffb announcement we have been updating old content as well as releasing new content.

    There are also people very eager to get their hands on new stuff, as well as there are people that are looking forward to the old content being updated. This way we serve both sides. :)
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  7. Some people don't like to both have the cake AND eat it too! /shrug
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  8. @Jay Ekkel maybe, as you can see also from the comments here, it would make sense to prioritize the updates before releasing new content. This would also make sense for newcomers to the sim, too. If people are not aware of the fact that some tracks and cars represent the actual stage of the sim and others don't, it could end up in negative comments and publicity once picked the wrong combination...
    Besides this, there are already so many great cars and tracks available waiting for an update ;)
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  9. Yeah I understand it from your business pov. But from my pov it's pretty frustrating to wait to get up to date content. And as you see I'm not alone with my thoughts either.

    So this isn't all whining I must say that you have improved the sim it self quite a lot. Kudos for that.
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  10. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    i can understand an irritation/impatience on getting updated content, but we have to be realistic and transparant about it from the start. Whenever we add features that will hugely affect content it will take some time for us to catch up.

    We have two options, don't release the new feature until all content is updated, or update the content bit by bit as we go along. And then the 2nd one is far better especially considering r3e remains in beta.
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  11. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    @Funkx it doesn't make complete sense though, updating content is high priority but not highest priority. Highest priority is to push the game forward on all levels, not only at making old stuff better.

    We have "two camps" in this discussion, and siding with either would make the other unhappy so like said above, what we do now is the best and IMO the only solution.
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  12. I see the point. It doesn't matter what and how you are doing things, it's always polarizing! :D Once an issue is solved the complains about other topics start...
    As I said in my first post I'm really looking forward seeing further new content added, together with further functionality (Championship mode ?!?).
    And taking into consideration some bigger updates are around the corner (ADAC 2014/DTM 2014), doing things step by step is the only way. Quality over quantity!!!
    I was just wondering if updating existing content is not much less time consuming than creating new. So it would be possible to create additional "update-packages" where e.g. a bunch of cars receive the new physics. Step-by-step....
  13. I would really like to see a list that shows which cars and tracks have been updated. Or even if cars and tracks had a little icon on them to show they're the new versions.
    It must be very confusing for new comers to work out what is going on.
    I am completely satisfied with the content as it stands and don't really want to drive different cars than my favourites on tracks that I don't like just get that real feel.

    Just my 2ยข either way we've waited this long and Sector really are delivering on the promise!
    (In a roundabout kind of way) ;)