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New computer and game saves

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Michal Sochan, May 5, 2011.

  1. I bought new hardware (CPU, mainboard and ) so I want to reinstall Windows. I wonder if I will be able to restore game saves on fresh system by copy save files. Has anyone already tried?

    Or maybe I do not need to install the F1 game? What if I only install Games for Windows Live and simply copy all game folder and saves on new disk?
  2. The save file i located at "My Documents -> My Games - Formula One" folder if you're on Window 7 OS.

    You can backup that folder.
  3. I have win7 and had to also copy over all the MS live crap, think there was 2 folders in program files that live used. After copying the 'My games' etc. stuff over, I had to then copy the MS Live stuff, as it wouldn't recognise my saves. Was a bit painful all in all.

    I think there's a game save backup program somewhere, you might like to try that. I can tell you exactly what I copied if you need to know specifics.
  4. In the savegame folder, there is another folder Autosave_e0000217cf6d126e_0

    After a reinstall of windows the letters & numbers of that Autosave folder changed. So just save a game on your new install, then copy the files from within the autosave folder of your old savegame into the new autosave folder.