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New comer to V8 Supercars

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Dr-Mad, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently got rfactor and word has it that this mod was the one to get. Well I got this one and FSONE 2009. I'm using my Logitech G27 to play the game. I configured everything according to the manuals etc. Then I played some FSONE 2009, and the steering feels as it should; smooth and tight when steering. When I switched over V8 unleashed (setting set as per the installation instructions, realfeel included), the steering is unbelievably twitchy. With about 10-15 degrees of steering either way, the wheel just jerks itself to turn fully either way. While browsing the forums, I read its best to set the wheel rotation to 540 with 18-20 (I set it to 18) of steering lock, and didn't really made a difference.

    With regards to this, is this how V8 cars are suppose to handle? I just got into V8 supercars since the sounds are quite addicting, and I saw a race briefly on TV that got me hooked.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You have to run - FFB on some mods and + FFB on others, Which is why you are getting reverse feedback on the V8's
  3. I run 540 degrees with 24 lock in game and its smooth. The only thing twitchy is the throttle, put too much gas down and you'll go backwards. Try reversing the feedback to see if thats the problem.
  4. Just reverse the FFB, keep your realistic steering ratio :D
  5. thanks for the quick replies,

    Reversing the FFB really did the trick (thought you were only suppose to do that if the steering was pulling in the wrong direction), but that steering jerkiness still occurs when the car is stalled or before the engine is started. (minor detail).

    Would someone care to explain steering lock? Since William mentioned steering ratio I did some searching and it relates the rotation of the steering wheel to the angle of the wheels turned; thinking it through, would the steering lock be the maximum amount the wheels can turn? (I just started getting into cars)
  6. I myself am running 35 degrees in game with 540 on my wheel, which ends up equal to 14.5:1 roughly for steering ratio. But yes the steering lock is the maximum amount the wheels will turn, the more you run the easier it is to save as you have more wheel to work with so I always run max and then adjust with the profiler to stay around 15:1 on the ratio as that is what I run on my real life race car.
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  7. Wheel Rotation divided by Steering lock = Steering ratio
  8. Horribly wrong ! :eek:

    Rotation / Steering Lock / 2 = Steering ratio.

    You have to take only one side, not both ! You steering must be stupidly fast !
  9. Not at all in fact it's exactly like my RL car which is a 14.5:1 as I said
  10. i run 450deg, with 24 in-game.
  11. You are right that 14.5 is a reasonable value in RL. But it seems like you are actually running a ratio of 7.7:1 which would be a very quick rack, as William noted. The in-game steering lock is the wheel angle from center to maximum lock, and not lock-to-lock. Thus, you have to multiply it by 2 before you compare it to your steering wheel rotation. SR=540/(35*2)=7.7
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  12. I get a really weird thing on my wheel as well when I am standing still, but when I'm on the move it's fine. It's a bit annoying at low speeds, but it's not that big of a deal. Is this what you are getting as well?
  13. I remember seeing something about that a while ago, but i am shagged if I can remember what caused it, but I do remember it was a FFB setting in either the wheel, the game or the plug-in... I really nailed that one didn't I!!!
  14. Yes Eric I was getting exactly the same thing you explained.

    Thanks Dong, I just skimmed through the video and it's really interesting! I'll check it out in detail when I get a chance.
  15. Dong??? Thats getting a little personal isn't it.. We really don't know how well hung the man is??
  16. if you turn the 'n' upside down its a 'u' lol, I was just really tired at the time.