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New Career Number

Discussion in 'NASCAR Heat Evolution' started by bigdaddy24, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. This is my new career number.

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  2. Did you see this @Met_fan?

    Great work @bigdaddy24 would you mind sharing the TGA file? I was trying to help Met with this but he was seeing some weird distortion in the numbers in game. Not happening on your end so would be nice to compare!
  3. Hi!
    Looks great! Did you actually change the career number Tga files or did you put the number directly on your paint scheme? As @aowzone mentioned, I got some weird distortion of the number, when I tried to replace them...
    In the end I put the number directly on my scheme and importet a blank file for my career number.
    Will post a picture of my career scheme tomorrow, recreated Jeff Gordons 2013 DTEH scheme...
  4. I will upload my numbers. you need to take the 28 number and replace the one in the shared 35,Then you can put the others on the car,it will be just a little while i have to get to my other computer.
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  5. Nice work!!