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New car for nKPro

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by CAR, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. CAR


    And it's not the F1

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  2. CAR


    Seems it's new cars, according to Kunos:
    (Google translation)
    the second .. will be "fictional" like the other NKP.
    the car will be a free add on.

    Hope is able to give you 3 before Christmas

    la seconda.. sarà "fictional" come le altre di nkp.
    la vettura sarà un add on gratuito.

    la speranza è riuscire a darvene 3 entro natale
  3. Hum it looks close to a F1, but it could be another kind of Formula. :)

    What are the 2 other points?

    Why don't those Italians use a bit more english (I am not english ;) ), no comprendo, kapitch?!

    Italians are not the only ones interested in nKpro.

    Official nKpro english forum has only 500 posts compared to 17000 italian ones...
  4. CAR


    That's most peoples guess, a GP2 or similar.

    No idea :)

    Well it has only been there a year (amazingly).
  5. Or a fictional F1 car just like there are already fictional formula cars based on real cars. Call it Formula NetKar or anything.
  6. maybe its auto gp the former a1 gp cars?? now adays an italian championship:p
  7. I thought the same after reading his "fictional" description... might well be the case when I look at the dimensions of the covered car.
    And I sure hope it is! Would be great to race the F1 on the different tracks and not just hotlap it in FVA.
  8. CAR


    Markus wrote on Driving Italia:
    (Google translation)
    alluding to the publication of a Formula 1 Netke PRO official / unofficial based on experience with Ferrari or any other manufacturer or team racing, I anticipate that this is not a Formula 1.

    alludendo alla pubblicazione per netkar PRO di una Formula 1 official/unofficial basata sull'esperienza maturata con Ferrari o qualsiasi altro Costruttore o team Racing, vi anticipiamo che NON si tratta di una Formula 1.
  9. FVA may have a deal with them to stay out of F1 cars until Ferrari have sucked every cent from their fans. The old Netkar had a very tasty F3000 car if I recall correctly. Anything with more oomph than the Target would be cool. And perhaps a classic tourer to add to the stable?
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    A tourer would be awesome, bring on the TinTops.
  11. CAR


    Because BMW used LFS as a promotional tool (although as the devs apparently didn’t agree to all of the contract they also used rFactor). The difference here’s that Kunos developed a separate product for Ferrari (albeit based on nKPro).
  12. I still hope its a ferrari because the fastest car is basicly a formula 3 car and for sure we need something quicker
  13. CAR


    Well it won't be a Ferrari, but it will be quick (500 bhp+)
  14. CAR


    Yesterday evening Kunos said:
    quasi finita la grafica.. la fisica è gia' pronta da giorni.. qua è roba seria, oltre 580cv.. facilmente la macchina piu' potente mai avuta in netKar.. veramente divertente e impegnativa.

    Which Google translates as:
    almost over the graphics .. physics is already 'ready-to-day .. here is serious stuff as well .. 580cv the more easily machine 'powerful ever had in Netke .. really fun and challenging.

    What single seater has 580 bhp? :)

    P.S. When is a smiley more than a smiley?
  15. GP2. :)
  16. CAR


    You found the link on my smiley then :p
  17. Haha lol no. :D
    I just read your post quick and saw your question, and answered it.
    Looks like i am right. ;)
  18. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    A 580 BHP GP2, Awesome, be seeing some quick lap times then :0
    I hope this new car will help bring more simdrivers to nKPro, but I feel a Big 600 BHP Tourer is needed for that, theres just something about exchanging paint and banging doors Eh!!

    Thanks Kunos for the new car, cant wait. :)
  19. CAR


    Now doesn't that look like fun :p