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Released New BTB Track to RBR.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Justup, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hi there!
    I am ready now. Huh...

    SS Kisapirtti
    This is New Stage for RBR RX_Plugin.
    Version: 1.2
    Location: Finland, Tampere-Kangasala
    Track lenght: about 7km
    Surface: Dry Gravel
    This track, SS Kisapirtti is now ready to go. And this track is not a typical Finnish Special Stage type. Like Over crest and Jump and Jump wide road.
    Download link is here:
    And almost same Stage but reversed.
    SS Hikivuori
    This is New Stage in RBR RX_Plugin.
    Version: 1.2
    Location: Finland, Kangasala- Tampere
    Track lenght: about 7km
    Surface: Dry Gravel
    Download link is here:
    The Track is made by Justup and Leka.

    Thanks to Piddy555 for the BTB.

  2. What I can to say, interesting... Very nice make landshaft and buildings.
    But, on my strong PC system, in window mode, drive with big lag, especially in forest - too much single trees with different textures. Try make optimization. You have too much big and the same textures about 9 vegetation textures sheets with 2048 size, is too much. Buildings textures have to much single files and of course "Blank_**_**_**.dds" is must to repalce by one or be better resave yours Sketchup model again wihout this not needed textures, look in my video tutorial... You must do textures mapping again and try all of them put in one big file 2048 or 1024 is a naff.
    Nice road textures, but you must more work with connections between them. And make more expressive textures in "turn" zones...
    And this in all yours tracks...
    Any way - keep work on!
  3. Hi!
    Thank you Barbje for all the comments. Its all true. This track is the my first track of BTB program. I started doing it long time ago, but I do not have much time. And after that I have learned a lot. But I have yet a lot to learn. Following project will be better. I hope. Yuo have a good tutorial. Thank you.
  4. Kisapirtti (with pacenotes) download link is not correct.

    However, I thoroughly enjoyed the stages. Competitive fps, ran without a glitch even in windowed mode. Well done, simple as that. That's all I can think of. I admit I'm too lazy to compare the latest version to the older ones, but if it's mainly about optimising, I'd say you're getting there. :)

    Missed some tighter corners on the Kisapirtti stage, so here's me eagerly waiting for the pacenote version link.
  5. Now track looks much much better, and FPS in windowed mode is good.
    And some few of my sightings:
    I don't think that need specular and bump maps on road textures, effect is little poor in game. I think is better to do like in classic RBR track - used DDS settings: DX3 with 4 mip map level, for others ground textures like grass: DX1 - no mip map!
    Road sides is still need more yours attention...
    In place with multilevel house - looks like they growing on the forest, need some necessary infrastructure - sidewalks, etc...
    Trees, rocks stones and etc. objects don't have collision - better way make simple invisible wall and invisible column for trees, and it save yours FPS, don't forget place it accurate!
    But finally tracks is realy good, and I think, more guys want drive on...