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New Automobilista "Special Events" and Club Race Schedule

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Nobkins, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Nobkins


    There are 151 members tagged at the end of this post who have all raced with us during the months of May and June. We hope you enjoyed the (in)famous atmosphere on TeamSpeak and had some great racing with the club.

    In the summer months signups to events shrink as the sun is shining and people don't want to be indoors quite as much. To keep grids good we are revising the AMS club schedule and bringing you some great "Special Events" designed to replicate the excitement of real motor sport races.

    New AMS Club Race Schedule
    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday club events starting at 19:00GMT
    • Sunday "Special Events" approximately every two weeks with the earlier start time of 17:30GMT

    What can I do to help?
    • Get behind our new "Special Events". We think they have great potential but we need you to sign up and support them!
    • Sign up early for the regular club events.

    Tell me about these "Special Events"
    Approximately every other Sunday we are going to run events designed to replicate real life races happening that day (or weekend). You can watch the real thing and then take part yourself! Our first event is already posted. Please sign up and support the AMS Club.

    We are trying to combine the friendly atmosphere that the AMS club has with the interest real life events generate.

    We have some fantastic events planned for the coming weeks and months but we need you guys to make them a success.
    • Special Event: Formula 1 @ Spielberg - Sunday 9th July 2017 - Replicating the RedBull F1 event. Watch it and then race it yourself!
    • Special Event: Historic Formula 1 @ Silverstone - Sunday 16th July 2017 - Using some of the great historic F1 content in AMS we race on the same day as the real thing!
    • Special Event: BTCC @ Snetterton - Sunday 30th July 2017 - replicating the first and second races including weight penalties for race 2 as per the BTCC rules designed to generate very close racing.
    • Bathurst Super V8, Formula Ford Festival, Endurance Brazil, etc etc the options are almost endless......
    All we ask is that you sign up early and have fun :D

    I liked the Tuesday and Thursday races. Don't my views count?
    Of course you're views matter. We run the club for everyone's benefit not just our own. We hope the changes will help the AMS club have good grids for all our races. Your participation is key! Please do post your ideas, suggestions, feedback below. Anything constructive is always appreciated.

    @Aarup @Alen Terzić @Alexey Spirichev @alexSchmurtz @Amedeo Fiorella @Andrew Mailer @AndyMan101 @Anthemius @Arcon @Arkoudadis @ASTE/ Gorace @bartbor2000 @bartolaf @BattleOvce @Ben Cobbé @berteau @bömii @Celestiale @Chark @chilima @Christian Moreau @Cichy000 @CMGARAGE @ComoVac @Craig Patteson @Crashhard Banger @Crispin Williamson @Damon Bird @Dan Marr @Dan ONeill @DanaSmoky @Daniel Monteiro @Daniel Nieto @Daniel R. @Daniel Trapp @Denis Betty @Dennis May @Dennis Phelan @Dennis93 @Destroy72 @Devon Peak @dmatika @DrSayers @elnando8 @Enzo Fazzi @Fabrice Bourguignon @Fairbanks_ABGF @FeltHat @Franklin Stegink @frankpe @Frans van der Linden @Fred Locklear @Gary evans @Gasper Grebenc @Gasper Zupan @Genzo_ @George Vasmoulakis @Gundars @hadlow @Haris82 @Ian Le Messurier @iLouLou @Ingemar Petersson @ionONE1 @James Grant @James Nance @Jazz Forsberg @Jeroen de Wit @jesper holmgaard @Jimlaad43 @Joakim Stensnæs @Joao Borges @Johnny Stathoros @Jonh Lopez @Joseph Wright @joseRS2000 @kamackeris @KAMPFBIBER81 @Karl Dubois @Karussell @Kaygeeoh @kedy89 @Ken Hunter @Kid_TaBo @KODIAK @KoshaPashkin @Kris Migut @Lian @mancSLO @Manos Papangleou @Manuel Palacios @Mark Breslin @MarpanX@Martin Vindis @Matt Le Gallez @Mike Frost @Mike McGeer @Morello @Mr.Memot @MrVet96 @m_mirk @Nelson Ullinskey @Nick Sellars @Nickl561 @Niranjan @Nobkins @Oscar Hardwick @Papy62 @Paul Glover @Paul Le Gallez @Paul Le Messurier @Paul Watkins @pedrotrindade @PietervE8 @pr0xx @praxtonio @PurgerUK @quicksilver384 @Ralfocus @Raphael Zanardi @Rene Robertson @Rob Milliken @robopuff @RockABillyKilla @Ronny van Rooij @sC_w0lveS @Sergio71 @Sfrost @Sharjeel @Slalom823 @slingshot64 @Snorlax @Stefan Hiller @Steve Le Gallez @Stig Bidstrup @Stuart Gillard @Sven-Arne Andersson @terrazi @TeSL9 @Theo van den Brink @Tim O'Glock @Tobias Röhner @Tobiman @TrumpetReich @TTupsi @Valrys @vanson77 @Vortlas @Warren Schembri @Whiskeyjack @xiqui

    Sorry for the mass tag but the AMS club needs your you!
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2017
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  2. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    I think you're doing a good thing. I hope I can make more than a few of them!
  3. Nobkins


    Hey Dennis. Cheers for the feedback. As long as they are supported (ie receive reasonable grids) we have a lot of special events planned. My personal favourite will be the BTCC style ones. It will use the Marcas and I am considering the very nice BTCC skin pack to build the atmosphere a little. 2 races, 12 laps each at Snetterton 300. 2nd race grid is finishing order from 1st race but the top 10 receiving weight penalties (1st 75Kg down to 10th just 9Kg). This should make for very close racing.

    The first special event this Sunday has a few signups but we need a lot more for it to be a real success.
    Special Event: Blancpain Race of Asia - Sunday 25th June 2017
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  4. Sergio71


    Well Jim, I think those special events are very interesting challenges and great ideas! I prefer Automobilista to other game and I like a lot Formula1. BTCC & Historic Formula are very interesting to drive too.
    But Sunday in the summer may not be an ideal day to race for me. Is Sunday because is a special event outside the classic race during the week? Is possible to switch special event to another day?
    For the first special event I'll try to be present. For the moment I'm not sure.
  5. Nobkins


    Hey Sergio,
    Thanks for giving some feedback. We choose Sunday as it will not normally clash with league races (usually on Saturday) and we wanted to run an earlier start time to be able to accommodate the longer events like F1.

    Weeknights starting at 19:00GMT would be a late finish for many with work the next day. Starting earlier on a weeknight is also tricky as not everyone has had chance to get home and have something to eat.

    Hope you can manage to make a few events even though day and time may not always work.

    Staff Premium

    To celebrate this weekends Brazilian Grand Prix we will be hosting a GP of our own, blurring the lines using Reiza Studios great content. If you're interested in joining us the race is this Saturday 11th November, starting officially at the new regular club time of 20:00GMT (although server will be open earlier for those who want/need the practice time).

    Sign-up here...

    Special Event: Formula Ultimate @ Interlagos - Sat 11Nov17