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Featured New Assetto Corsa Scottish Track Preview

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Oh, now we're on the 'streetcars and SUVs have no place in a racing simulator' topic too. I can see this thread has a very bright future.
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  2. Hey there Sunny,
    just a quick correction - SUN is much older than 5 years you know... ;)
    No hard feelings I believe? :D

    All Frozen soundtrack is great, not only that song, fyi. ;)
    And I prefer "The Winner takes it all" from Abba.
    No, no... I don't compare Reiza with Kunos, it's just... pure coincidence.

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  3. I did, more than once.
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  4. About the topic of a SUV on a racing scenary...

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  5. Seriously guys, if you are car enthusiasts you should welcome any car and any piece of asphalt you can drive on. Racing isn't limited for race cars and race tracks. One thing AC is generally praised for is it's road car content. Meanwhile it has the best roster of GT3s you can find in a sim (with the M6 and new R8 coming and we don't know anything about the British pack, cough*Bentley please*cough).

    Don't be so salty about not getting your dream cars all the time. One thing I learned from AC that cars you are neutral to IRL can become your favourites, and cars that you fell for before can provide an unsatisfying driving experience.
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  6. Another track cool cant wait love A/C:)
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  7. Vincent.C

    Another WEC driver ! Premium

    100% real, 100% agree.
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  8. I don't mind it being fictional as long as it's towards a realistic end of the scale. for example there's no "100%" on historic tracks but putting Microsoft and NVidia billboards into them would be not-realistic. Whereas for a hypothetical road race circuit, which doesn't depend on any real sanctioning, anything short of a little turtle floating in the cloud holding the starting lights is not going to break my sense of immersion. Just say the police closed the street and you signed a hundred insurance waivers and you can get away with almost anything.

    It's pretty obvious why they compromise on the size of roadside signs, it's built mainly for public simulators (Porsche, whoever else) which run relatively high FOV and are not "about" learning the circuit but more about the driving experience.
  9. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Yeah, really getting tiring seeing people thinking what they like is he only correct way. I mean, I hate mushrooms but you don't see me trolling Pizza Hut's forum telling them to remove mushrooms from all their stores or harassing people who like mushrooms on their pizza. That would be silly behavior.

    People also seem to forget that without the SUV's we probably wouldn't have gotten a few dozen Porsches or the Maseratis, as including those was part of the deal to secure the licenses. Kunos said BCC was built in part because of a request from the manufacturers who wanted to have something to let customers drive their virtual cars on that was easier and less intimidating than a race track, hence the wide track and gigantic turn arrows.

    Now, let's all get back on topic, shall we? ;)
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  10. Sorry, mate, but this is the internet. You can't be that reasonable in a place where opinions are pretty much taken as facts.

    Now, to get back on topic, I think it's nice to have a new circuit with many different layouts suited for different racing styles. We'll have to wait for more preview content to be released before making any assumptions, but so far, it looks good. Really looking forward to test the endurance layout.
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  11. You've got it spot on mate, well said!... So many ungrateful...(insert childish name here) online in general..!
    I would place a bet that those who are being ungrateful about FREE content have never made f**k all.. they don't know how much effort is involved.. and the actual persistence involved in finishing something.

    Try it ungratefulites... Make a track, and have the balls to upload it here for people like you to criticise lol The brake markers are too big, the curb heights are not accurate, that plant is not native to Scotland... blah blah blah.

    Those that matter... don't mind, and those that mind... Don't matter!!

    @kunos I second what sunny said... Except without the Abba or Frozen video clips. Well done, more roads are a welcome addition to Assetto... Fantasy or Real...
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
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  12. I don't drive AC anymore but think this is a great move as tracks are a weakness in AC and the more places to drive the many street cars the better if you are going to have so many street cars.

    ANY track content is good news for AC although they are really getting long in the tooth considering the lack of life for this sim with limited functionality.

    If I were Kunos I'd invest heavily in track DLC to squeeze as much out of this lemon while I still can.
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  13. Leynad777


    I would release a mod pack with the best five tracks, choosed by voting. Certainly a bit polished like Zandvoort before, but AC without mods is pointless and console players can't play them. And they would get more used when official content. VIR, Donington, Paul Ricard and some more are as good as laserscanned or nobody would care like with Bridgehampton and Riverside.
  14. You should consider that making a mod for a real race track is not a problem but if that mid is made by a commercial software house they have to pay the copyrights to include it in the game...
    So basically if Kunos would like to include a free mod collection of tracks they could only choose fictional tracks (or abandoned/destroyed tracks like Bridgehampton where nobody can claim rights) and you saw what nerd rage this scottish road or BBC is causing...
    Cause when you gift something to ungrateful people they will complain that they wanted something else/better...

    In my country (Italy) we use to say"A caval donato non si guarda in bocca" ("You dont check the mouth if a gifted horse") that means "you can't complain about a gift cause it's gift" but sone people are not mature enough to understand this...
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  15. One of the things that I love about the Nordschliefe is that unlike a lot of race tracks it suits a lot of different vehicles. Street cars and race cars are a lot of fun on it. Perhaps it is the closest track we have to driving a favorite country road on the weekend. I wish there were more tracks like this for the road cars to drive on. The danger is that I think more serious sim racers will think Assetto Corsa is turning into Need for Speed or some other arcade title. That is not the intention. I have been a race sim guy for over 30 years now (really) and realistic roads still feel like an aspect of sim racing that think we should explore more.. We have had great road circuits like the Isle of Man track in GPL for example, or even more recently Longford. My point being "fantasy tracks" do not need to equal silly or unrealistic. It is all about how they are executed.

    I'm amazed how much Assetto Corsa has improved over the last couple of years and the recent Porsche packs are high quality content, but I feel the Black Cat County was a big missed opportunity to do something different. I was hoping for some great southern US roads like Matt Farah drives in his "One Take" series on YouTube. Instead we get arcade silliness, but anyways I hope this new "Scottish" track is something special.
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  16. Releasing that content officially would require costly licensing of those tracks regardless, and Kunos got a lot of flak for releasing Zandvoort without laserscan. So no, unlikely to happen.
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  17. Yes cause,laserscan is becoming the ultimate sillyness haters use to flame topics...
    We had non laser scanner tracks for decades in Racing games with really good results (non laser scanner tracks of GTR series are amazing) and now they introduced laser scanner ones suddenly is "not laser scanner = crap"... :p
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  18. If a track's physics mesh is well made it's very unlikely that people who didn't know the original in and out at the time of the laserscan would ever notice any difference in the surface (assuming they didn't know beforehand that it's not laserscanned). But laserscanning has some major benefits regarding track creation other than just an accurate physics mesh, and if it's beyond that also a selling point for your product it's pretty obvious that the devs would want to implement tracks rather with laserscanning than without. But getting licenses, getting the data required, building the track... I'll assume it's all easier said than done.
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  19. Can't wait to blast down that hill at full speed with a scetchy car together with the narrow roads, the perfect recipe for an adrenaline junkie ;)
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  20. Well the bar is just set higher and people's opinion change over time by something even better, laser scanned tracks has that authenticity in your mind like what 24k gold would give in a sense, or maybe as a certificate of high standards and precision. It's like putting on a real pair of Ray Bans, hope this gives an insight into what impression laser scanned gives to people's minds and the satisfaction they get...