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New ARC_Pedals by ARC_Team

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by arx-7-arbalest, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. ARC_Pedals is a product of excellence, unique in its kind, dedicated to the most demanding sim racers. Treated in design, detail and finishes, ARC_Pedals is the typical expression of Italian craftsmanship, respecting the tradition of "Made in Italy". Every building step are carefully followed by our staff, as well as the choice of materials which, in addition to being functional for their purpose, give also to the product a sober and elegant look.
    2 pedals version
    3 pedals version
    As you can see immediately, ARC_Pedals is composed by three modules/pedals (the single ones are available by request): the first option included 2 pedals (throttle and brake) while the second one is provided with 3 pedals (throttle, brake and clutch); although the modules may also be purchased individually. The pedals settings and the innovative braking system has been patented by ARC_Team, an unique system which allows you to overcome the limitations found on the main existing products on the market. For example, the use of hydraulic or load cells: these architectures have some troubles like harder maintenance, possible oil leaks, and difficulties to find a good feeeling for the progressive braking force (with the load cells), the use of pins to set every time the pedals, to adjust stroke and position. To avoid these situations, the ARC_Team system uses a screw and sliders mechanism that allows an infinite settings on the three axes while the other part provides to re-charge the air cylinder, working at low pressure; the braking pressure can be adjusted with a depression screw. The tests done on the brake pedal module showed that it is possible to arrive till 85 Kg on the pedal, with the chance to increase the load pressure changing the air cylinder size.
    Brake module
    Each module is equipped with a linear potentiometer that is fitted to avoid any useless movement. With the "Pro" edition, the brake module is equipped with a special PCB ("Amplibrake") which is connected to a pressure sensor, instead of the linear potentiometer.
    Pressure sensor (kit "PRO" for brake module)
    Another feature of the pedal is the possibility of being able to mount it upside down, to simulate as well the GT or rally cars. Finally, ARC_Pedals requires a very low maintenance compared to the other products available nowadays.
    ARC_Pedals is a product that will satisfy the most demanding users.
    It works also with playstation 3.
    For more info and prices, visit http://www.f1driving.it/
    ps soon i will upload a pdf which better explains some features...
  2. Hello guys.
    In next links you can read about why our pedals are different, why we have not choosed load cell/hydraulic and how pedals are born.

    Story: http://www.f1driving.it/images/stori...Pedals_ENG.pdf
    Story: http://www.f1driving.it/images/stori...the_choice.pdf
    Main difference than other pedalset are coming from racing experience and development done togheter Team engineers and real drivers. Some of our ARC_Pedals has been installed in training simulators instead hydraulic systems.
    Feel free to contact our engineers for questions.
    Write us here or at: info@f1driving.it

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  3. Sick looking pedals but 1.200 Eur is way to much for simracing gear :)
    I´ll probably be looking at CST´s in the future or a used set of these when the price is considerably lower.
  4. Hello Hampus.
    we are agree with you about pedals costs also we are not so far from other competitors (FREX-CST). Our pedals seem to be very expansive but technology inside and innovation (they has been patented) are unique in actual sim racing world . As in the real world there are cars with different prices like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini than Mercedes, Audi, Ford, in simracing world there are controls of different prices.
    Price is strictly dependant about the target you want to shoot and which kind of technology you want to use, research etc....
    Anyway: thank you for your interest.;)
  5. Aside from buying them, is there any way these can be tested/trialled in Spain?
  6. Yes yes i know :)
    I wasn´t saying the price was to much for the pedals, just too much for simracing :)

    Unless you are rich or have no life besides simracing. No doubt these are fantastic pedals though, if i had the money i would have bought them.

    Any ideas on maybe bringing out a "light-version" that sits in the same class as CST´s?
    Would be cool if it could be upgraded as well so eventually you would have a set like the above but over time.
  7. I think the price isn't too high for simracing, if it would be the case nobody would purchase motion systems or CST F1 pedals wich cost as much if not more.

    In my opinion the price is too high for pedals wich look like a raw DIY project straight out a workshop.

    Apart from the cylinder ( wich is about 200€ max ) it doesn't appear to be robust high quality material like CST F1 or the new Derek Speare pedals wich are on the way ( for about half the price ). Or Tilton Pedals modded to work for simracing.


    I know that the selling point of this pedals is that they feel very close to real GP2 ones. I think it's questionable to charge a certain price due to the lack of equally feeling alternatives, as for the normal simracer who doesn't sit in a GP2 car frequently it wouldn't make a difference if it's feeling like a real racing pedal or exactly like a GP2 pedal.
  8. Ramonizer, this pedals is not only for GP2! the pedals is fully adjustable in travels and forces, on all three modules.... you can adjust it to suit all your needs, rally car, GT car, formula,.... can be mounted upside-down,....
    and i can guarantee that it is very robust...
  9. Any plans of releasing a "light" version in the future that is catered so us with less money? :)
    They look absolutely stellar and seems like they will give a huge amount of immersion!