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netkar pro

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Andrew Ford, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Hi all

    I currently have rfactor /rfactor 2, iracing (online) and all the race 07 packs.
    I'm tempted to try netkar pro, especially as I'm desperately waiting for AC.

    Just how good is this game and how does it compare to the above (if you have experience of them)?

    Thanks for any support ;):thumbsup:

    p.s. is there a professional version used by real race drivers just like with rfactor vs rfactor pro or is there only one verision
  2. Tried rFactor and all Simbin stuff. netKar is way above in driving feel. Not a good simracer, so can't really describe or quantify stuff, just a general feeling. It's the only game in which I was actually hotlapping alone for fun.
    Which is a nice segue to the biggest drawback: subpar multiplayer experience. Not that many people racing unfortunately, and the interface isn't that great (chat mostly).

    I think the major factor there is the cars being so different from one another, so it's tough to get a group to race (one guy likes this, hates that, other guy likes that, hates this).

    Other flaw is no AI. I normally don't care about it, as I race online exclusively, but with the shortage of people mentioned above, it would be nice to have.

    Anyway, try the demo, I think it has F1600 in it. That car is just brilliant, and made me buy the game a few laps later.

    There is just the one version for regular folk, but there are versions used in some professional simulators. Others will probably be able to tell you more.
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  3. How good it is?
    Excellent physics /FFB (driving feeling)
    Graphics and sounds just ok ...
    Very few mods
    Very few drivers racing online
    My favourite ever ... together with Live For Speed and Richard Burns Rally

    Compared to iRacing and Race07 (i only tryed rFactor once)
    Graphics, sounds, mods, online community are all much better in iRacing and Race 07 ... but the driving feeling is much better in nKPro

    is there a professional version?
    this is the professional version :)
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  4. I vehemently disagree on the graphics being better in Race :D. Probably just a personal preference, I love how netkar looks. And with 100% rain, there is no better.

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  5. yes ... graphics in nKP look better then in Race07:)

    and the textures in Aosta are great:thumbsup:
  6. The comments mentioned above are quite accurate.

    FFB and Physics are one of the best in a racing sim or mod (and I do own rF1, rF2, pCars, Race 07, GT Legends, GTR 1 & 2, iRacing and all the sims you can think of ;)). Graphics and sound not bad at all.

    Like they said, downside is not many multi-players online but there are some leagues every now and then and some people online at times. Netcode is a bit poor too but that does not affect me much. No AI either.

    Anyway, wasn't it available for a few bucks? You have to experience nkPro as then you can have FFB/Physics as benchmark. For a few bucks, it will be worth it for sure as you will have some online races at times.

    AND...you will be supporting Kunos to deliver AC ;)

    Below videos low quality as that was my old pc...

    Me with the Osella at Fuji, sick!

    And me at a nice race with the Abarth

  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    thanks to all of you. if asseto corsa doesn't release this tech preview in next couple of days, i'm getting it lol

    really useful info so thanks all for taking the time. with amazing physics, surprised mroe people aren't playing it. shame.
  8. It had netcode issues and some bugs when it was out (before my time), so wasn't really playable online, so people never got into it.

    Nowadays it's good.
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  9. Agreed :)

    Andrew, you can also check who's online here ;)

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  10. Buy it, if you like hot lapping only, stay with your sims if want to drive online :(
  11. Or if you want to try the AC Tech Preview ;)
  12. I will try to guess ur 1st sentance after u buy it..
    "Oh i dont know why i havent got it for so long"
    Just a guess,but i see it all the time :D

    Also a tip..People(includding me) learn about netkar after they tryed many sims or after much experience in simracing cause they dont know it(excpet now with AC in the news).
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  13. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    lol Well, i think there are some good games out there and when i got the pc, anything was better than the xbox. the feeling of speed in rfactor with the v10 2008 bmw of kubicca was fantastic. the surface feel of rfactor 2 is amazing *even tho grip and physics aren't perfect) and the general smooth physics of iracing is something to behold (not everyone will agree with me).

    however, i think Netkar Pro is right up there if not the best for physics. The car feels "weighted". YOu can't just slam on the throttle and everything is about smoothness. it responds like the f1 cars on the telly. graphically is a strange one. i'm pretty sure i have it on max graphics settings and my pc is top class but when i put it on, the pic was a little grainy (road surface and run off areas). the car looked stunning. after playing for a few minutes, the graining looked more realistic and it grew on me. its a shame that not many people are online otherwise i would practise this and focus on this more than other games. then again, AC is just around the corner. If this is AC's ugly sister, then I can't wait to meet her (AC) in person!

    Thanks to all for messages. I will definitely pick up this game and do some hotlaps to keep me busy until AC comes out. Is it just me or was this game poorly marketed? Like you said, never knew it existed - thought it was a budget karting game or something lol
  14. Hehe, so you did finally buy it :p Hmm, not sure what you mean by the graphics. Maybe you can post an image and I will compare it with mine after work.

    Yeah, that is why all the good hype about AC...because many feel that nkPro is very very good FFB and Physics wise, so naturally AC will be better :)

    Apart from not much marketing, I think nkPro started on the wrong foot as it kind of dragged for a while to come out officially, I think. I had heard of it in the early days, but I was always part of sim communities, and those talk about every sim on the market.
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  15. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    yes. couldn't help myself lol

    here is a link to a lap i did. nothing special - just to show the graphic. on full screen youtube its not a true representation. if you play it as it is in the minimised tv, you will probably get the idea - altho the blocks (which appear now and again) are not on my screen when i play.
    i have the setting as 1920 x (whatever it is) and my computer is i7 so should be ok.

    i think assetto corsa is dragging too but it's a small team and so good it can't be ignored.
    maybe if netkar had ai and offline racing it would have caught on.

  16. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    hello...does anyone know where to save mod files?
    i looked at the root folder and no "Locations" folder or anything.
    not sure where to save
  17. Tracks go in the tracks folder.
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  18. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    hmm. well i can't find the root folder then.
    i installed on c: drive in programmes.
    i have no tracks folder and can't locate it using the search
    for some reason, when i download these games, the pc always saves different key folders in different places :mad:

    any ideas how to find it?
  19. What do you mean you can't find the root folder? The root folder is where you installed the game, and there should be a tracks folder inside it.


    You can try searching for aosta, for example, one of the default tracks.
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