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Netkar pro

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Napalm CAndy, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Hi, I tried in the past that sim many times, but never like it. So now with the last patch and the new Abarth 500 it is a new sim, better FF, better sound, and incredible realistic physics (at least for the Abarth, I don't like so much their formulas).

    I found some tracks made by users, and the question now is evident... Will be possible to export tracks to Nkpro from BTB?
  2. no idea, but I posted just to agree your feelings... now (at least the FREE Abarth version of NetKar PRO, THAT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL VERSION) we have a new era of simulation! One mod only and free sim, but fantastic one!

    Be carefull, because tracks that you can find on the web don't work on this version of NetKar PRO, BUT ONLY on version that you must buy!
  3. I tried de Abarth Demo version, and I have to say that the "official" is better, so now the "official" version is v1.1 Beta 2/3 update2. By the name is clear that every week change something, and the last was the tires
  4. Indeed, I've just installed and went out for a couple of laps, unfortunately my version is demo, but it's still very nice simulation!
  5. I couldn't figure out the track file format used in this simulator. Textures are DDS, sometimes in-game it looks like use the same engine of Rfactor & GTR Series.

    There's a interesting in-game mode called "Doom" which is actived by pressing F11 in box. It's nice go for a walking around the track to see some details of modeling.

    Support to this game surely would be a great BTB feature.
  6. I asked to Kunnos (nkpro creator), and he say:

    So, BTB will not have directly compatibility (at the moment) but kunnos open the possibility to make new track to nkPro.

    I want to run some hillclimb like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiGq71eBqzg with the 500Abarth :)
  7. Any news from nkPRO track building possibilities from Kunos?
  8. Nope... I will wait one more week and will ask again
  9. ^^ one more week gone. Any answer for this one?