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NetKar Pro Update

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Samuel Fuller, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    Netkar pro was updated today. From my very small test I think the tyre model maybe slightly different. I may be wrong. Perhaps we could post here any changes noticed or something official from Kunos would be cool.
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  2. Just made some laps with all different cars and notest some changes on physics (specialy on the Formula cars) ... they dont have so much grip on rear and that make them a bit more challenging to drive ... wich i like ... F1600/F1800 felt really good to drive right now ... the other formulas still make me feel a bit on arcade mode but not as much as before ....

    in all cars they now slide more easly when i hit the gas on turn exit ... its not such a big diference but enough to make them feel better (more realistic i think)

    notest also changes on small details like allways getting new tires when starting the game

    In all i think the cars feel better but also more difficult to control wich IMO is a good pronounce for the way they are working in AC physics:thumbsup:
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  3. EDIT: Ok my previous observations were full of bollocks so here are things that i observed in Race studio 2.
    Comparing Ks2 on blackwood circuit lateral acceleration peaks at lower values. There is at least 0.2-0.4G difference. My breakpoints are very similar. Maybe i added 1 meter but there is no massive difference. Longitudinal deceleration levels are nearly identical.
    With identical setup car have much more understeer. I can't change directions fast enough witch makes me stay in corner for longer and makes it harder to put power down. Looking at time difference i have lost 1.5 seconds but taking into account only twisty sections of sectors 2 and 3 i lost about 0.7 seconds. And on that part plot rises in quite linear fashion. There is not much very sudden dips witch would indicate driving errors. It seems KS2 is consistently a bit slower each corner.
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  4. I think it is too late to introduce new patches, especially when the AC is on the way. Now we need to learn how to set a car from the beginning. I know this isn't big changes but...

    Need to drive a bit more than usual and see what's out there
  5. Does anyone know how to back to the version before this update?
  6. I haven't updated my game yet. If you know which files are affected, I could try uploading them for ya.
  7. I did the update, but how do I tell it worked as it still says v1.30 and cars feel the same to me....
  8. http://netkarpro.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/netkar-pro-version-switcher.html

    Its from Wally Masterson (nKP log parser developer) ... allow you to switch between new and old version ...

    i didnt try it and probably never will cause i like so much the new update ... but it should work good
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  9. Improvements:

    - more realistic car physics improvements (this is my own opinion / others may think different)
    - abarth doenst roll over after hitting the curbs
    - new tires everytime you start a new session
    - in a server configured with 2 consecutive race sessions, the server is not moving automatically to the second race session
    - disabled automatic go to grid. This will avoid having cars on the grid when the driver is not in front of his pc
    - improvements on the sound engine (backfire) - The Lambo sounds crazy now:) .
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  10. Will have to try that later.......it sounded HUGE already!!!!! ;-)
  11. very good! THX everyone, who worked on the update.
  12. nice. The target feels loose, seems to respond better to aero balance changes...Abarth still swaps ends under heavy braking, so no change there then. I'll try the 1600 later to see if it's different.
  13. but in real life they do. Front slick tires grasp the tarmac and the internal rear tire lift and there is almost no understeer. I read some comments about it and so I haven't accept the update
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  14. Who knew, it actually does happen like that :D
  15. nKServerTool updated to v1.0.23 ... it works now fine with the last nKP official update
    (version made by Radiator Springs Racing with special thanks to Fulvio "Gek" Genova)

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